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Echino Jacquards

At Fall Quilt Market as everyone exchanged hot tips on things to see, there was lots of excited whispering, “Echino jaquards! Echino jacquards! Echino! Jaquards!” They are finally arriving in U.S. stores for all your upholstery and other heavyweight woven needs. Can you imagine an entire Echino sofa? Thanks to The Stitch Lab in Austin [...]


It had been a while since I checked in on Dwellstudio‘s fabrics. The newest collections of interior wovens and prints are called Global Modern Luxe and Modern Color Theory. They are produced by Robert Allen and, hooray!, are available directly to the public from Dwellstudio¬†and from various outlets online. Related posts: Dwell Studio: Eclectic Modern [...]

Echino Fall 2012

Some lost photos from Quilt Market! How I could let Echino fall through the cracks, I don’t know, but we’re all here together now and that’s what’s important. This season Etsuko Furuya is simultaneously releasing the latest iteration of her nature-themed collection AND more Ni-co, which is the more simple, graphic transportation-and-objects collection. We’re also [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Robert Kaufman – Basics

Robert Kaufman has some exciting new basics. (And I know you’re with me when I call basics “exciting.”) My favorite for sure is the new Essex cotton-linen yarn dyes. The denim color wants to be paired with something Colette. Next, there are 16 new Quilter’s Linen colors, bringing the total up to 42. Quilter’s Linen [...]

Unika Vaev: Patterns

Last week we looked at some of Unika Vaev‘s textured upholstery fabrics, now here are some of my favorites amongst their woven designs. Clockwise from top left: Balc√≥n by Dorothy Cosonas, Calypso by Charmaine DeMarco, Cloverleaf by Charmaine DeMarco, Myth by Charmaine DeMarco, Windrad by Josef Hoffmann, 1906; Paradis by Josef Hoffmann, 1908; Comfort by [...]

Know Your Weaves II

The first “Know Your Weaves” post covered the terms “warp” and “weft,” plus the plain weave, satin weave, and twill weave. Here are a few more common weaves you ought to know. basket weave Basket weave: Just like the plain weave, only two or more warp yarns pass over two or more weft yarns. I’m [...]

Timorous Beasties

Digital Iguana Bird Branch In addition to wallpaper and window shades, Glasgow textile studio Timorous Beasties produces fabric. Like Domestic Element, they subvert traditional textile designs like toile by using them to depict modern themes. They just go one step grittier and hardcore than DE with their devils, prostitues and heroin addicts, and iguanas. It’s [...]