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Meet the Sponsors / Giveaway: Laura Coyle of

Last week I was The Expert on‘s Meet the Expert series, where Atlanta-based designer and instructor (and jazz vocalist!) Laura Coyle gave me a warm welcome and asked me questions. This week, I’m excited that the tables are turned! Laura is an extremely talented freelance designer whose client list will make your head spin. [...]

In Case You Missed It …

The recording of my live video chat on is here. We talked a lot about digital fabric printing (especially about the importance of color charts), I made a few embarrassing confessions, and showed how to use Illustrator’s Recolor Artwork tool. Great fun was had by all, I think! A big thanks to Laura Coyle [...]

I’m Going to Be on (Renee) TV!

I am excited to announce that I will be on ReneeTV, the live chat feature of this Wednesday, April 25, at 9pm Eastern U.S. time, as part of their Meet the Pros series. I’ll be talking about A Field Guide to Fabric Design and about color and digital textile printing, and doing a live [...]

Adobe Illustrator CS6: Pattern Creation Tool

Exciting news for designers: Adobe Illustrator CS6 will feature a pattern creation tool! You can see it at work in the video above. We don’t know how robust it will be, but from the sound of the rumor forums it sounds like you’ll have repeat options beyond the simple square/block repeat you see demonstrated in [...]

Forum Action January 2012

In case you missed the news, True Up now has a Fabric Design Forum to support the book and hopefully be a community hub for aspiring and working fabric designers worldwide. I’ll periodically post hot topics here so the left arm knows what the right arm is doing. Lots of pretty cool people — including [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Textile Printing

Kate McInnes (LoungeKat) emailed me to let me know about her free tutorial on vectortuts for setting up a file in Adobe Illustrator for digital textile printing. I’m extremely impressed — the tutorial itself is well designed and easy to follow, and it provides the most thorough instructions I’ve seen to date in regard to [...]

Book Review: Digital Textile Design

This is the first in a mini-series of posts about digital fabric printing that we’ll be posting over the remainder of this week. Check back tomorrow for a digital printing service roundup, and on Friday for a big list of ideas and inspiration. Digital Textile Design by Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac Lawrence King Publishing, [...]

More Illustrator Pattern Repeat Tutorials

Straight repeats Stripe repeat Plaid repeat Houndstooth design This same teacher has an easy to understand Intro to Illustrator series starting here. She is a fashion teacher (with an interest in designing fashions for Second Life (!)) so the lessons are geared toward textile people. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Block Repeat Adobe [...]

How to Create a Seamless Pattern in Illustrator

This tutorial on Digital Arts shows step-by-step how to create a repeating pattern in Illustrator. I know how to do it manually on paper and in Photoshop, but the Illustrator method has eluded me till now. Related posts: How to Make a Repeating Pattern Adobe Illustrator CS6: Pattern Creation Tool More Illustrator Pattern Repeat Tutorials [...]