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New IKEA Fabrics

  Here are some of the newest print fabrics available now at IKEA, with a selvage-to-selvage and a close-up view. Take a look at the woodgrain print — do you suppose IKEA is experimenting with digital printing?                                   Related [...]

New From Quarter Report

  There are still a few more companies to cover for Quilt Market, and while those posts are in the works, I thought I’d show you some of the new stuff at Japan’s Quarter Report, including their in-house designs and beautiful lace by Reiko Oka (middle left). I have subscribed to their newsletter and and [...]

Neisha Crosland

{ Hollywood Grape } Neisha Crosland‘s intensely beautiful interior fabrics are the height of luxury, with lots of velvet, metallics, and embroidery. They are available, surprisingly, not to the trade only, but direct to consumers via her web store, along with gorgeous wallpapers, tiles, prints, stationery and office supplies, and silk scarves. { Firework Flower [...]

Skinny LaMinx: Rough Cuts

Skinny LaMinx has a new collection out called Rough Cuts. The designs are all based on papercuts and are “inspired by Scandinavian style, but perfectly at home in Africa.” You can get fabrics by the meter and finished goods through Etsy, through these stockists, or if you’re in South Africa, through the web shop or [...]

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!

The True Up household has been visited by various virii and allergies and mixtures of both this week, so I wasn’t able to participate in Local Quilt Shop Day to the extent that I’d hoped (or anything else, for that matter), but, even though it’s past closing time already, I couldn’t let the day pass [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Birch Fabrics

{ images courtesy Birch Fabrics } Birch Fabrics is growing by leaps and bounds. Go Birch Go! Coming this season they’re expanding into new substrates and bringing on new licensees, including a very huge name. Jay-Cyn Designs will have three variations on a theme in three fabric types: organic quilting cotton, organic cotton canvas, and [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Amy and David Butler

Amy Butler‘s Alchemy collection is very complex! At 46 pieces you could be forgiven to not keep them all straight, but they’re divided up further into a lot of different substrates.   The Studio Collection contains 12 different prints in different fabrics, including rayon challis, sateen bliss, voile, velveteen, laminates, and linen rayon, aimed at [...]

Luna Textiles

Luna Textiles is based in San Francisco and produces environmentally sustainable, modern textiles for the corporate, hospitality, and healthcare markets — definitely for clients that don’t want the usual soul-crushing corporate blue-gray look! As you can see from their website the fabrics look great as bags, shoes, luggage, and pillows. Modern Textiles has some reclaimed Luna [...]

Studio Bon for Schumacher

{ Bellows } Studio Bon (aka Bonnee Sharp) produces interior fabrics that are screenprinted by hand in the United States. They are printed onto 100% linen, 100% cotton, or a cotton-linen blend. The fabrics are distributed by Schumacher. See the Studio Bon website for inspirational images and the Schumacher site to see more designs and [...]