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Heather Ross Fabric and Video Class Giveaway on Creativebug

I think we are all excited to have Heather Ross back on quilting cotton and on jersey knit for the first time, yes? Briar Rose, in stores now, is Heather’s first collection with Windham. She has lots of projects to make it even more irresistible. No doubt inspired by her little girl, two of these [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2013: Windham Fabrics

  Windham Fabrics has lots of great new fabrics coming out. With a few headline names such as:   Heather Ross with her first range with Windham – Briar Rose. It’s Heather’s usual brilliant illustrations with great colour and design, and the quilting weight cotton looked like it would be great to sew anything with [...]

Blije Olifantje

I’ve thought before that it would be a great (and different) concept for a fabric shop to hoard fabric until it is sold out everywhere else, and only then put that stock up for sale. It’d be extremely difficult to pull that off without a crystal ball, though. Somehow, Blije Olifanje (Happy Elephant) on Etsy [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2012: Seven Islands

Seven Islands, the wonderful folks who distribute Kokka, Nani Iro, Kiyohara, and Echino, is a perennial oasis at Quilt Market. I find that very few sewing and quilting enthusiasts can refute the quasi-magical properties of Japanese fabric companies. The major barrier is price but really, the golden ratio between quality, color and design makes it [...]

Preview: Heather Ross: Nursery Versery

The pre-Quilt Market previews are starting to roll in! Heather Ross just announced her next collection for Kokka, Nursery Versery, and has lots more pictures on her blog. You don’t see “This Little Piggy” depicted visually very often, so I’m quite smitten! The collection is printed on the lightweight cotton-linen blend that Kokka has been [...]

New Heather Ross Prints on Spoonflower

Heather Ross illustrated a sweet kid’s book called Crafty Chloe, written by Kelly DiPuccio. It’s about a girl who decides to make a present for her best friend despite naysaying from her other friends. Heather made another shop on the Martha Stewart Show to promote the book and demonstrate a project, and just like last [...]

Fabric Fives: Ayumi Mills

{ Ringo Pie Bee Block by Ayumi Mills } I’ve gotten such a great response to the Fabric Fives posts I’ve been doing with authors on blog tours, I thought I would expand it to include everyone whose sewing, quilting, or tastes in fabric I admire. Ayumi Mills of Pink Penguin was one of the [...]

New Release Tuesday: 6/28/11 Part 1

New Release Tuesday is my periodic roundup of new fabric sightings (mostly quilting cottons). These fresh arrivals have started to arrive in fabric shops and are ready to buy. Retailers, as always, if you carry any of these collections, let us know in the comments. Wow, I’ve put this off so long that the new [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2011: Kokka/Seven Islands

Seven Islands is the U.S. distributor of Kokka fabric and other Japanese fabrics and notions. They were showing the new colors and patterns of Echino, which includes some favorite patterns in new colors: Some of the patterns are available on a woven nylon substrate, which would be great for bags or raincoats. Melody Miller‘s new [...]