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Geometric iPad App by Kapitza

Kapitza is a European design studio run by two sisters, Nicole and Petra Kapitza. They have produced two intriguing pattern sourcebooks, several dingbat fonts, several products featuring their patterns, and now they have an iPad/iPhone App called Geometric. I bought it last night after seeing it on Pinterest and thought all you pattern fans out [...]

Traditional Mexican Woven Fabrics

  With simple geometrics and neon colors being so of-the-moment, maybe people will take a second look at traditional woven fabrics from Mexico. I don’t know what I’d do with these, but I’m really attracted to them. Ideas? All these and many more can be found at MexFabricSupplies on Etsy.   Related posts: Daily Swatch: [...]

The Design Center: Zane Collection Geometrics

Here are some recent swatches catching my eye from The Design Center at Philadelphia’s tumblr blog. All geometric and dark, hmmm! Related posts: The Design Center Textile Stew: 07/16/09 Textile Stew: 6/25-6/26/09 Daily Swatch: Folky Geometric Week Textile Stew: 7/6/09

Yuwa Sweet Grid

Yuwa’s Sweet Grid has become as ubiquitous in my sewing projects as Kei’s Honeycomb Dots. You can stock up at Charm Stitch (aka Mira and Westie on Etsy). Related posts: Yuwa Circles and Strawberries Yuwa Live Life: Rabbit and Moon Yuwa Live Life Tea Patchwork Japanese Fabric of the Week: Yuwa Umbrellas Misc. Retro/Reproductions from [...]

Kei: Geo Style

Not sure when these will be out, but I’m loving this collection of (vintage reproduction?) small-scale geometrics from Kei called Geo Style. There are a few more prints, and all the prints come in several colorways, and you can see them all here. Related posts: Kokka Cotton Linen Yuwa Circles and Strawberries Fall Quilt Market [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week: Fabric Tales

I’m in love with lots of the traditional-Japanese-designs-with-a-modern-twist at Fabric Tales but this wavy stripe in particular. It’s expensive, but just look at how great it works as a dress. Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the Week: Wa-Modern by Hokkoh Japanese Fabric of the Week Japanese Fabric of the Week Japanese Fabric of the Week: [...]

Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Misc. Tessellations – Houndstooth

I guess you could call this an abstracted houndstooth? It’s not a tessellation at all but it seems derived from them. I love this kind of spare geometric design — I’ve been into Peter Nencini and the iPhone game Eliss lately and this reminds me of them. It’s from Vintage Touch on Etsy. The just-short-of-2-yard-piece [...]

Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Four-Way

The Daily Swatch features a piece of vintage fabric (almost) every day. Themes change periodically. Please add your own examples of the theme to the True Up and/or Vintage Fabric Flickr pools. This week we’ll look at the last type of pattern direction, four-way. These are going to mostly be your grid-based geometrics — squares, [...]

Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Two-Way

More fancied-up stripes. Vintage cotton fabric, 2 1/2 yards, $42 from Dewitt & Co. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Block Repeats Daily Swatch: Folky Geometric Week Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Two-Way Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Tossed Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Misc. Tessellations Continued – Houndstooth