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The Link Collective

I don’t typically cover “fabric with hems” here, but furoshiki are so versatile and these prints are so exciting, I thought I’d cap off the week with this small diversion. Furoshiki are multipurpose Japanese cloths that are used as gift wrap, scarves, bags, and anything else you can think of. The Link Collective brings traditional [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week: Ayumi’s Favorites

Though Japanese fabrics are now widely available in the U.S. and many other countries, there are still plenty of Japanese fabrics and textiles that rarely-to-never exported outside Japan. Last week I featured the Japanese shop Cotton Crayon, which is full of retro prints I’d never seen elsewhere. I found the link through Ayumi’s great blog [...]

Linky Tuesday

Discounts/Giveaways Exclusive sale for True Up readers on Fabricworm and Fabricworm Etsy: 10% off orders over $25+ through March 31, 2009 with coupon codetu10. Convo first through Etsy or just use the coupon code on the .com. Win a free surprise package of two pounds of our fabrics ($35 value!) by signing up for the [...]

Furoshiki Fabric Folding

Furoshiki from This article in CRAFT calls Furoshiki “wrap that’s as good as the gift.” That pretty much says it all! Furoshiki is the Japanese tradition of wrapping things in fabric (a little history here). You can buy some pretty neat cloths made specifically for this purpose here, but of course you can always [...]