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Dutch Door Press for Kokka

Keli saw a glimpse of these fabrics at Spring Quilt Market, but I didn’t realize till seeing them at Fabricworm and Matatabi that they were designed by San Francisco’s Dutch Door Press, who have been letterpressing and screenprinting their Penn-Dutch and Euro-folk motifs since 2007 on Etsy — I’ve always wanted to see them design [...]

More Connecting Threads

Wow! Based on the response to yesterday’s post, Connecting Threads does have a lot of fans — I’m glad to hear it! You readers are vouching for the quality of fabrics, and the fast shipping. Here of some more of their current collections, more of the folky/vintage/repro/traditional genre. First is my absolute favorite, Hope Chest by [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Lecien

Hello everyone!  Kim was kind enough to let me tag along and help out at Fall Market. I will be posting over the next few weeks with some additional lines that she hasn’t yet covered. First up, Lecien, which is always lovely.  (As an aside, did you know it is pronounced Lew-shen?? I didn’t!). Folk [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Kokka – More Trefle

A cotton-linen vintage sewing-themed collection from Kokka’s Trefle line. I think the very last picture doesn’t belong to this mini group, but it wanted to be with the other sewing fabrics, so I said OK. Related posts: Fall Quilt Market 2011: Kokka – Trefle Fall Quilt Market 2011: Kokka – Even More Trefle Spring Quilt [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Kokka – Trefle

I’m not sure exactly what defines Kokka’s Trefle line — retro/European/mod/folk? But I know I love it to the ends of the earth. Here is a new assortment of big prints. Related posts: Fall Quilt Market 2011: Kokka – More Trefle Fall Quilt Market 2011: Kokka – Even More Trefle Spring Quilt Market 2013: Kokka [...]

Gabriela Larios: Cuentos from my Childhood

Gabriela Larios is a London-based designer/illustrator based in London, UK. She has designed a charming collection called Cuentos (Stories) from my Childhood, available on Spoonflower. The collection was inspired by her native El Salvador, and the main print was inspired by a book called Cuentos de Cipotes by Salvadoran artists Maya and her father Salarrué. She [...]

Club Geluk

Club Geluk is a Netherlands-based company that “makes products for grown ups and children for a happy household.” They design their own fabrics and sell them by the meter as well as sewing them up into all kinds of textiles, from bedding and cushions to potholders and bags. I love the retro-kitschy-folky designs! They also [...]

Tablecloth Designs by Vanessa Sorensen

I like it when people think big, and beyond simple pattern repeats, for digital printing. Vanessa Sorensen has created three folky tablecloth designs, spanning 2-3 yards of fabric, which also include matching tea towel designs. Cool idea and very cute designs! See her warning about shrinkage in this post though. Vanessa’s tablecloths and other fabric [...]

Vintage Folk Twill

These are vintage twill curtains that I bought from a thrift store years ago (and debated at the time whether I liked the print enough to buy it — crazy lady!). Now I love how it’s Penn-Dutch folky but a little less sweet/a little more wild than usual midcentury folk prints. I recently turned some [...]