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Daily Swatch: Trees

Abstract forest vintage fabric from moxie-girl (Etsy shop, which carries a significant amount of vintage fabric) on Flickr. This one is so awesome it prompted me to create a new Flickr gallery of Holy Grail Fabric, which would also include the fabrics in this post if you could add your own photos, but alas you [...]

True Up Group on Flickr!

I’m doing a little meta-True Up business today. First, I changed the header to something more fabric-y — if you’re a feed reader come take a look! I also started a True Up Flickr group. It’s for readers to share photos (or video) related to ongoing features here, like “Show Us Your Stash” and “the [...]

Wax Prints From Ghana

Batteries, originally uploaded by Extreme Craft. On Flickr: Very pop-artish wax print fabric from Ghana. Check out the whole photoset by member Extreme Craft, who also has an equally linkworthy set of scans from the 1973 oddity Rosey Grier’s Needlepoint for Men. Note: A version of this entry was originally posted on Dioramarama on June [...]