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Fall Quilt Market 2009: Vintage Shopping (and Denyse Schmidt)!

While we’re on the subject of vintage today, here are shots from vintage textile dealer A.T. Roches out of Canton, Texas (east of Dallas). Note the insane array of vintage hankies, cocktail napkins, and gift wrap along with the fabric. I did some damage here and at Mary Koval Antique Quilts (but we’ve got an [...]

Bring Back Flea Market Fancy!

There’s a campaign afoot to persuade FreeSpirit and Denyse Schmidt to re-print Denyse’s first line, Flea Market Fancy. There are so many new sewists who discovered the collection after it was out of print, and speaking for myself, there are a few prints that I’d like to get my hands on. Folks are paying a [...]