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Knits at Mussukat

Finland has a thriving market for garment sewing, especially for kid’s clothes. Pair that with the country’s traditions in print design and, no surprise, there are tons of great apparel fabric prints to be found there. There seem to be quite a few little boutiques that sell knits, velour, terry, bamboo fabrics, and other stretch [...]

Marimekko Spring 2013

{ Jokiuoma }   Marimekko Spring 2013 fabrics are available now through the Marimekko website, and will be coming soon I’m sure to AlwaysMod and Finnstyle. { Onnen Omenapuu } { Kortteli } { Astro } { Raanu (organic cotton) } { Vatruska } { Vatruska } { Kompotti }     { Roustikko } [...]

New Knits at Ottobre

It has been a while, so I checked in on Ottobre‘s Etsy shop to see the newest knit prints. These are definitely a splurge, but you are getting quality fabric from Europe in unique prints, and hey, kid’s clothes don’t use too much yardage, right? This last one is inspired the Norwegian tradition of telling [...]

Marimekko Check-O

{ Sonja by Aino-Maija Metsola }   Because we need a Marimekko fix once in a while. The newest prints had emerald before emerald was cool! And triangles after they’re cool. Oh, just kidding. We still love you, triangles, never change! These images are from Design Scandinave in France — these fabrics are also available [...]

New From Marimekko

{ Ikkunaprinssi by Erja Hirvi }   The checkout girl at Home Depot saw my son’s Angry Birds shirt and she said “the most famous thing to come out of Finland!” I didn’t know that! She said, “and Fiskars scissors.” I didn’t know that either! I said, “And Marimekko!,” and she said, “oh yeah”! And so it was [...]


I spotted these Finnish home dec weight fabrics from Vallila at Raystitch (UK). Those crazy Finns and their supergraphics! Never change, Finland! Related posts: Theo From P. Kaufman New From Marimekko Bonbon Kakku Fall Quilt Market 2009: Alexander Henry Part II: Home Dec & Another Featured Collection Bonbon Kakku Spring 2009

Marimekko Spring 2012

In some circles, being named the World Design Capital is as cool and exciting as getting the Olympics in your city. Helsinki has been named World Design Capital for 2012, so naturally it’s going to be a big year for Marimekko, who is responsible for so much of the Finnish design aesthetic. To celebrate, they’re [...]

Ottobre on Etsy

Ottobre is a very highly regarded magazine of children’s clothing patterns. The Finnish company also publishes women’s clothing issues a couple times a year. If you’ve ever sewn with them or just flipped through, you’ve probably wondered about the great fabrics they use and figured that the apparel fabric stores in Finland must be amazing. [...]

More Marimekko Autumn 2011

Is anyone still resisting the fact that the 80s are back? Marimekko Autumn 2011′s collection has several prints from their 1980s archives, but it’s not about being retro. I think it’s more that after 20 years of computer-generated lines, people are longing for the genuine texture of hand-rendered art. These prints from the Fujiwo Ishimoto, [...]