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Daiwabo Double Gauze

Sweet double gauze prints for spring sewing from Daiwabo, spotted at Japan Lovely Crafts on Etsy. Related posts: Double Gauze at Fabric Tales Vintage Prints From Daiwabo Black & White Floral by Yuko Furutani Spring Quilt Market 2011: Daiwabo – Novelty Prints Japanese Fabric of the Week: Tip Top Elephants

Surfing Lion Boardshort Fabric

  Store-bought boardshorts for boys tend to be pretty ugly print-wise (I either try not to care or opt for a solid, maybe with a smart racing stripe or some piping). But The Fabric Fairy has this boardshort fabric (a polyester microfiber) which is awfully cute. I’d never considered making my kids’ swim trunks till now. Related [...]

Petit Pan

Petit Pan of France offers sweet baby clothing and home goods created with their exclusive line of fabrics. They also sell their fabrics to those who would like to DIY instead of (or in addition to!) purchasing finished goods. Petit Pan is inspired by Chinese themes and motifs, which is interesting to see. The collection [...]

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!

The True Up household has been visited by various virii and allergies and mixtures of both this week, so I wasn’t able to participate in Local Quilt Shop Day to the extent that I’d hoped (or anything else, for that matter), but, even though it’s past closing time already, I couldn’t let the day pass [...]

Mociun Fabrics

  Online shop Beklina has exclusive, limited stock fabric yardage from Brooklyn-based designer Caitlin Mociun. These silks and hand-printed fabrics would be worth the splurge — I’m not sure she is producing fashion collections any longer (jewelry seems to be the focus now) and her prints have been very influential in the contemporary surface design world.   Related [...]

Pickering International

Pickering International is a San Francisco-based wholesale company specializing in textiles made from sustainable and organic fibers. They have all manner of fabric types made from organic cotton and linen, hemp, bamboo, soybean, silk, wool, and other fibers (yak!). And blends thereof. These are just some of the prints and woven or knit patterns, but [...]

Flocking Birds Silk at Britex

54″ navy silk with flying swallows, spotted at Britex. Related posts: Lela Rose Silk at Britex Fabrics Silk Series: Peace Silk Silk Series: A Vintage Silk Manual Online Silk Series: della Q. on Silk Taffeta (Meet the Sponsors) Silk Series: Working With Silk Taffeta

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Amy and David Butler

Amy Butler‘s Alchemy collection is very complex! At 46 pieces you could be forgiven to not keep them all straight, but they’re divided up further into a lot of different substrates.   The Studio Collection contains 12 different prints in different fabrics, including rayon challis, sateen bliss, voile, velveteen, laminates, and linen rayon, aimed at [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Anna Maria Horner

Hard to know where to look at Anna Maria Horner‘s booth – there was so much to see and it’s all so pretty. Field Study, previously released in quilting cotton and now with rayon challis, voile, and velveteens joining the range, was made up in clothing, quilt, and bag patterns.   Anna’s Needleworks embroidery and tapestry collection patterns and kits [...]