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Search for Apparel Fabric With

On my Twinkle Sews review, Vanessa commented that it is hard to find the fabrics used in the book. Well, Vanessa, you’re in luck — I just found out about, an alliance of dozens of apparel shops scattered all over the U.S. and Canada. You just submit your query (I need 4 yards of [...]

I.D. This Fabric

Reader question from Katie: Can anyone ID the fabric used for these curtains, or the source of the curtains? Thanks! Related posts: Fabric Hookups Fabric Finding Websites New Minny Muu from Lecien Blempgorf Jenny’s Vintage Fabric Surfing Lion Boardshort Fabric

Fabric Hookups

I’ve received a few queries from people looking for recently released fabrics. I’m going to do the lazyweb hive-mind thing and turn the questions over to you! Denyse Schmidt’s County Fair is beginning to arrive in shops … Lisa is looking for the “Promenade Patchwork” cheater cloth and finding it’s already sold out everywhere she [...]

Fabric Finding Websites

I’ve received a few queries from people looking for particular fabrics; they don’t have enough to complete a project or are otherwise looking for something very specific that they’re having trouble tracking down. I don’t have evidence for this other than my LQS (local quilt shop), but I bet web stores tend to turn inventory [...]