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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Kokka – Echino

Preparing for Seven Islands‘ booth (the US distributor of Kokka) can be overwhelming, in the most splendid of ways. In addition to its prominent licensed collections from Echino, Nani Iro, Melody Miller, Ellen Luckett-Baker, and newcomer Melissa Wood, aka melimba, Kokka also has an insane presence with its in-house design team. At Spring Market, they [...]

Echino Jacquards

At Fall Quilt Market as everyone exchanged hot tips on things to see, there was lots of excited whispering, “Echino jaquards! Echino jacquards! Echino! Jaquards!” They are finally arriving in U.S. stores for all your upholstery and other heavyweight woven needs. Can you imagine an entire Echino sofa? Thanks to The Stitch Lab in Austin [...]

Echino Fall 2012

Some lost photos from Quilt Market! How I could let Echino fall through the cracks, I don’t know, but we’re all here together now and that’s what’s important. This season Etsuko Furuya is simultaneously releasing the latest iteration of her nature-themed collection AND more Ni-co, which is the more simple, graphic transportation-and-objects collection. We’re also [...]

Double Gauze at Fabric Tales

Fabric Tales in Japan ships worldwide and has a nice selection of double gauze, including the Fruit Flowers collection above, Nani Iro and Echino, and some plain solids in white and natural (for your printing ventures perhaps?). Related posts: Daiwabo Double Gauze Help Japan by Buying Japanese Fabric Japanese Fabric of the Week: Nani Iro [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2012: Seven Islands

Seven Islands, the wonderful folks who distribute Kokka, Nani Iro, Kiyohara, and Echino, is a perennial oasis at Quilt Market. I find that very few sewing and quilting enthusiasts can refute the quasi-magical properties of Japanese fabric companies. The major barrier is price but really, the golden ratio between quality, color and design makes it [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Kokka – Echino

    The booth showcasing Etsuko Furuya’s Echino Fall 2011 collection was full of greatness. It also demonstrated that you can do anything with cotton-linen that you can do with quilting cotton, and then some. At the bottom, two “bonus prints” that will be delivering to stores later — everything else is already out. Apologies [...]

Echino Fall 2011

There is a kind of dance in the design world over what the next “hip” animal will be. Seeing the Echino Fall 2011 collection, I imagine Etsuko Furuya popping and locking herself into the center ring and doing her classic moves. Birds. Deer. Owls. And everyone thinks, daaaaaamn, some say they’re played out now, but [...]

Q&A: Sheer Fabrics

Hi! I am new to the fabric world and I was looking for some good tips on what is the best sheer or gauze fabric. I keep seeing the term voile used and organza. I want something that is really sheer and with a great color print. Any ideas where I can get this or [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2011: Kokka/Seven Islands

Seven Islands is the U.S. distributor of Kokka fabric and other Japanese fabrics and notions. They were showing the new colors and patterns of Echino, which includes some favorite patterns in new colors: Some of the patterns are available on a woven nylon substrate, which would be great for bags or raincoats. Melody Miller‘s new [...]