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Vintage Fabric Source Roundup: Part III – eBay and Ruby Lane

A joint Mary Beth and Kim production. See part 1 of the vintage fabric source roundup (standalone web shops and brick & mortars) here, and part II (Etsy) here. Aah eBay, enabler of thousands of vintage fabric addicts. There is an overwhelming number of listings there at any given time, to be sure, but you [...]

Vintage Fabric Source Roundup: Part II – Etsy

a Mary Beth and Kim joint production This is Part II of our roundup of vintage fabric sources — see part 1, featuring stand-alone websites and brick-and-mortar shops, here. Finding vintage fabric on Etsy and eBay is a bit elusive, as sellers come and go quickly or maybe only sell a little bit of fabric [...]

Daily Swatch: Ogee Week

The ogee is well represented in Something Fine‘s collection on Flickr. This one is a Dekoplus Kitchen Fabric. Something Fine is interested in 60s-70s vintage fabric and sells a lot of it on eBay UK. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Ogee Daily Swatch: Ogee Week Daily Swatch: Those 70s Colors Daily Swatch: Ogee [...]

Daily Swatch: Pennsylvania Dutch Week (Continued)

Four from eBay! Please buy them so that I can’t. Vintage 50s Kitsch Folk Art Barns & Flower People Fabric, 36″x60″, $16.99 buy-it-now Vintage Cute Dutch Couple Folk Art Cotton Fabric, 36″x44″, $9.00 buy-it-now I’m not wild about the kids in this border print but the rest of it is great. Three yards, auction ends [...]

Daily Swatch 5/26/08: Border Print Week

Vintage Rayon crepe floral border print from eBay seller FabricDeli (in Australia, ships worldwide). Buy-it-now price AU $49.50 for 39″x45″ piece (99×96 cm). Related posts: Daily Swatch 5/29/08: Border Print Week Daily Swatch 5/27/08: Border Print Week Daily Swatch 5/30/08: Border Print Week Daily Swatch 5/25/08: Border Print Week Daily Swatch 5/28/08: Border Print Week

Stupid Snipers.

In the tradition of Reference Library‘s “Items I Didn’t Win” posts, here are some recent eBay auctions that I lost. 1 yard 14 inches, ended at $36.00 Vintage Waverly farm print, 1 yard, ended at $12.01 Vintage Waverly assortment, ended at $13.01 These vintage Waverly fabrics are just to die for. The folksy designs are [...]

Daily Swatch 5/2/08

Balloon boy feedsack fabric, from a completed eBay auction (45″ x 36″, sold for $26.67). Related posts: Daily Swatch 5/15/08 Daily Swatch 5/3/08 Daily Swatch 5/11/08 Daily Swatch: Folky Geometric/Pennsylvania Dutch Daily Swatch: Fruit Week

Q & A: Finding Fabric on eBay

One of my favorite eBay finds Oh boy, I just got my first question. Do you have a fabric question? I will do my best to answer: just respond to this post or email to kim at trueup dot net. I am new to sewing and collecting fabric, and I was wondering if you have [...]

Barkcloth Scraps

The mailman just brought a good load of barkcloth scraps that I won on eBay. The seller followed my email address to my website, then sent a nice complementary email and included some extra non-barkcloth vintage goodies in the package. How sweet is that? She has an etsy shop, trees3. Clearly Liz, you need a [...]