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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Kokka – Trefle

The in-house selections and other lesser-known designer collections from the Seven Islands family were full of the wonderful, the crazy, and memorable. From illustrated fruit (strawberries are everywhere it seems) and botanicals to rather creepy furry stuffed animals, Kokka is reliable for keeping it interesting and more often than not, lovely. First, some new Trefle. [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2013: Kokka – Nani Iro

Naomi Ito continues to wow with her 2013 Nani Iro prints and new Basic collection. New colors in some of her popular staples make for some really wonderful apparel pieces and a couple of prints in a heavier linen canvas blend will be amazing for bags and structured apparel. I believe her ability to maximize [...]

Nani Iro 2013

The Nani Iro 2013 collection by Naomi Ito is starting to arrive in stores. Along with the double gauze, most prints come in a unique colorway on a hemp-cotton blend. The Nani Iro website seems to grow and grow with each season, there is now a web shop through which you can purchase the fabrics and [...]

Daiwabo Double Gauze

Sweet double gauze prints for spring sewing from Daiwabo, spotted at Japan Lovely Crafts on Etsy. Related posts: Double Gauze at Fabric Tales Vintage Prints From Daiwabo Black & White Floral by Yuko Furutani Spring Quilt Market 2011: Daiwabo – Novelty Prints Japanese Fabric of the Week: Tip Top Elephants

Muddy Works by Tomotake

  { image from Pink Chalk Fabrics } I misidentifed this collection at Quilt Market as Nani Iro (thanks to Miss Matatabi for the info), so I am posting to make amends and also because they’re wonderful fabrics worth another look. Muddy Works is by husband and wife design team Tomotake, and the simple geometric [...]

Double Gauze at Fabric Tales

Fabric Tales in Japan ships worldwide and has a nice selection of double gauze, including the Fruit Flowers collection above, Nani Iro and Echino, and some plain solids in white and natural (for your printing ventures perhaps?). Related posts: Daiwabo Double Gauze Help Japan by Buying Japanese Fabric Japanese Fabric of the Week: Nani Iro [...]

Nani Iro 2012

{ Waltz } Nani Iro has her own website and webshop now (or maybe she always has, and I’ve somehow missed it). Her 2012 collection is up there now and of course it’s gorgeous. These are all double gauze prints with the exception of Element Collage, which is a knit, and Peaceful Cooing, which comes on both [...]

Q&A: Sheer Fabrics

Hi! I am new to the fabric world and I was looking for some good tips on what is the best sheer or gauze fabric. I keep seeing the term voile used and organza. I want something that is really sheer and with a great color print. Any ideas where I can get this or [...]

Spring Quilt Market 2011: Kokka/Seven Islands

Seven Islands is the U.S. distributor of Kokka fabric and other Japanese fabrics and notions. They were showing the new colors and patterns of Echino, which includes some favorite patterns in new colors: Some of the patterns are available on a woven nylon substrate, which would be great for bags or raincoats. Melody Miller‘s new [...]