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Cartoon Map Prints by anastasiia-ku

{ Cartoon Map of Paris } City-themed prints and illustrations are always a great choice because they speak so strongly to people’s local pride. Even non-locals who have visited, or just want to visit, are drawn to them. Anastasiia Kucherenko (anastasiia-ku) has combined some of the world’s biggest and most alluring cities with her cute [...]

Lauren Hunt (My Aunt June): And Your Name Is?

It’s a My Aunt June week! Earlier this week I featured some of Lauren Hunt’s hand-screenprinted fabrics, but I also wanted to highlight one of her digital projects. Lauren has recently launched an Etsy shop called And Your Name Is?, and through it she offers custom-drawn repeat patterns featuring a name of your choice and [...]

Claire Louise Milne

{ Art Deco Parrot } Claire Louise Milne’s blog needlebook is one of the first craft blogs I followed. I have always admired her talents in illustration and crafting, so it is a thrill to see her designing fabric. Someone pick this girl up quick for a collection! I think these designs would appeal to [...]

Digital Fabric of the Week: nisee made

One of the cool things about the Fabric Design Forum is that I have one more avenue to find artist/designers work that is new to me. Chicagoan Denise Holmes recently joined — her blog and shop are called nisee made. She is an illustrator, primarily for stationery and children’s goods, but she said she’s recently [...]

New From Boosterseat

Boosterseat is Anda Corrie of Berlin, Germany. She sells her Spoonflower digitally printed fabrics (and coasters and sewing patterns) on Etsy. I’ve posted about her before but since then she’s added tons of new designs to her shop. I was tickled by Hopscotch — you usually think big, bright, more-is-more with digital printing, but it’s [...]

Gabriela Larios: Cuentos from my Childhood

Gabriela Larios is a London-based designer/illustrator based in London, UK. She has designed a charming collection called Cuentos (Stories) from my Childhood, available on Spoonflower. The collection was inspired by her native El Salvador, and the main print was inspired by a book called Cuentos de Cipotes by Salvadoran artists Maya and her father Salarrué. She [...]

Stationery Print by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Rashida Coleman-Hale has an upcoming collection with Timeless Treasures partly inspired by Japanese washi tape. For whatever reason, this design didn’t make the cut, but she’s offering it on sale at Spoonflower. I love the idea of designers of conventionally produced collections expanding their collections with digitally printed fabrics. The price is higher of course, [...]

Flo by Monda Loves

Monda Loves is Vanessa Waller, a U.K.-based freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator. She sells some really wonderful fabrics through Spoonflower, including her latest, Flo (above), and a 70s-retro-euro collection called My Vintage Kitchen. Related posts: Teja Williams Gabriela Larios: Cuentos from my Childhood Digital Fabric of the Week: nisee made Digital Fabric of the [...]

Jordan Elise

{ Unidentified Animals } Jordan Elise Perme is a freelance toy and textile designer based in Cleveland, OH. She has creates what she calls Horrible Adorables, which are these amazing, elaborate, faux-taxidermied wool felt creatures. She also designs textile patterns, available though Spoonflower — some in the Horrible Adorables theme and some not, some made [...]