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Hanna Ruusulampi

{ Folklore Fish interlock knit for Ikasyr } I found Finnish designer Hanna Ruusulampi through Spoonflower, which led me not only to her amazing online portfolio (see English version of the fabric portfolio here) but also to a treasure trove of Finnish fabric shops. Hanna designed the interlock knit design Folklore Fish for the shop/mini-manufacturer [...]

Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Diamond Repeat

Now that we’ve seen block repeats and half-drops, let’s look the repeat typesinvolving interlocking shapes (also called diaper by some sources. Do they still use that term, or has it lost out completely to its more common and less sexy usage?) First up, diamond repeats, which is nothing more mysterious than a block repeat turned [...]

Diaper Cloth

Birdseye cloth bolt from Hancock Fabrics Looking through the sales for this week’s sale alert post I noticed that Hancock Fabrics is now carrying fabrics for cloth diapers — diaper flannel and PUL (poly/cotton laminate for covers), which I couldn’t find online, and also Birdseye diaper fabric. I’ve also noticed since having my son almost [...]