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New Year’s Catchup

Hooray 2009! I hope you had a lovely holiday break, and got to greet the new year in the style that suits you best. Here, it meant PJs and a DVD while the toddler slept and our dogs freaked out over the fireworks. Your standard tired new(ish) parent New Year’s Eve. Over the next week [...]

Three Signs of a Cluttered Fabric Stash

I’m seeing this previously posted picture in a whole new light now! The book It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by Peter Walsh has completely changed how I think about my possessions. I read it after writing this post, in which I got a little defensive [...]

Unclutterer on Fabric Stashes

Those home improvement and organization shows have gotten to me — I’ve got the decluttering bug. Unclutterer is a great resource and cheerleader. Here’s a post from last year on fabric stashes. Does it hurt you like it hurts me to read it? I will declutter every other inch of my living space, but being [...]