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New Prints from Anna Ka Bazaar

Anna Ka Bazaar in France has a new collection of fabrics in purples and navy. These are easy, trendy/classic prints on lightweight cotton that would work for kids or adults’ garments, bedding, accessories, and crafts. Worldwide shipping is available, and be sure to sign up for their newsletter for info on their frequent sales. They [...]


Checking in on Japanese shop Lin-net, I found these beautiful, delicate prints on cotton and 100% linen. Prints are only a small portion of what they offer — they specialize in fine linen in every weight and finish imaginable, in solid colors and some with woven designs. Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the Week Japanese [...]

Q&A: Sheer Fabrics

Hi! I am new to the fabric world and I was looking for some good tips on what is the best sheer or gauze fabric. I keep seeing the term voile used and organza. I want something that is really sheer and with a great color print. Any ideas where I can get this or [...]

Blog Tour/Giveaway: Natalie Chanin on Sourcing Sustainably

{ photograph by Robert Rausch } Natalie Chanin is the chief designer and owner of Alabama Chanin, a fashion and lifestyle company focused on sustainable materials and practices. I’m very pleased to host her today as part of her blog tour to promote her new book, Alabama Studio Style: More Projects, Recipes, & Stories Celebrating [...]

Daisy Janie: Geo Grand

Jan Dicintio, aka Daisy Janie, last week unveiled her February 2010 collection, Geo Grand. It’s “six large-scale, bold, sleek+& dynamic+designs,+presented in a rich palette of espresso brown, smoky aqua, sky blue and a sweet apple chartreuse.” I’m loving the retro motifs and fresh, cool colors. Like her current organic cotton canvas and sateen collections, Geo [...]

Happy Mail Week

My fabric order from Bolt 44 (previous post). Love! It feels like very good quality fabric. I’m thinking PJ pants for me, toddler clothes, and quilt backs. Related posts: Bolt 44 Go Underdogs Go!

Bolt 44

Bolt 44 is a new fabric shop selling overruns from the owner’s childen’s clothing label, Wonderboy, as well as other hand-selected, hard-to-find fabrics. The 100% cotton Bolt 44 Exclusives are utterly perfect for boy projects, but are versatile enough for anyone — and they’re very affordable at $5.95-7.95/yard. Umm, yeah, I just blew my fabric [...]

Organic Fabric:

Nearly all cotton is grown with petrochemical fertilizers, and sprayed with toxic chemical insecticides. The spray kills thousands of people in third world countries. I have not read anything so blunt and horrifying regarding conventionally grown cotton. Wow. is the web version of Fabrics Ltd., a small family-run business out of Wales that sells [...]

The Quilt Guild Sale, This Year

My first quilt guild sale two years ago was a bonanza. My second (last year), it was about three weeks after giving birth and the first significant time out of the house by myself. It was pouring rain, I was still delerious, so my memories of it are weird but good. No fabric, but I [...]