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{ African Royale } Take a bit of fellow South Africans Shine Shine, a little Timorous Beasties, and a little bit of Vlisco, and you have something like Fabricnation. That’s not to say they’re derivative, though! Fabricnation partners Jann Cheifitz and Jane Solomon are inspired by the South African landscape and by traditional African motifs [...]

Shine Shine

{ Julie in Grey by Heidi Chisholm } We first met South African textile company Shine Shine last year when they released their Obama Commemorative Cloth. They didn’t have a website then, but they do now, and it was a delight to discover their other designs by Heidi Chisholm and James Grey. Chisholm’s designs are [...]

Obama Commemorative Fabric

Here’s some icing on the cake for this momentous day: Heather Moore [Skinny La Minx]‘s Obama Commemmorative Cloth from a while back has been produced! It’s designed by Heidi Chisholm, and produced by Cape Town company Shine-shine (no website). Orders can be placed with Tracy Rushmere at (I’ll post the specs and cost here [...]

Obama Fabric Design by Heather Moore

Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx Photoshopped U.S. president-elect Barack Obama into this African commemorative cloth design. Wouldn’t it be great if something like this actually showed up on the market? Of course there’s always digital printing, but I’d rather have the genuine article. Link to Heather’s post. Related posts: Obama Commemorative Fabric HAND/EYE Magazine Textile [...]