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Seamless Studio

COLOURLovers is a site dedicated to creating and sharing colors, palettes, and patterns. The functionality is terrific and it just got better today with the release of their version 4. Amongst their new offerings is Seamless Studio, a tool for creating seamless patterns online. Now this isn’t a fully featured pattern generator; you’re limited to [...]

My Blues on COLOURlovers

My blue vintage fabrics are featured on COLOURlovers. See the previous entries in the series too: Red, yellow, brown and purple. Related posts: My Purple and Brown Vintage Fabrics on COLOURlovers My Yellows on COLOURlovers My Fabric on COLOURlovers Seamless Studio Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets

My Purple and Brown Vintage Fabrics on COLOURlovers

My vintage fabric collection has officially become a series of posts on the COLOURlovers blog: today my browns and purples are featured. I am amazed how different the palettes look pulled away from the motifs, with the texture of the fabric removed — some of the palettes actually don’t appeal to me as much that [...]