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More Textile-y Ways to Help Japan

Master quilter and Yuwa fabric designer Keiko Goke is from Sendai, Japan, and while she is OK, she and her friends have a lot of trials ahead. Liza at let me know that they are going to be giving all the profits from the 2011 sales of her fabrics to her. Seven Islands, the [...]

Help Japan by Buying Japanese Fabric

If you’ve had your eye on any Japanese fabrics, now would be a great time to make a purchase … Matatabi has re-opened after relocating to Western Japan and is donating 15% of sales to Japan Red Cross through the end of April. She has the Nani Iro 10th Anniversary Collection (that’s the Fuccra Rakuen [...]

Textile Stew: 3/11/11

Good news for digital fabric designers — Spoonflower has released its official 3600-color standards map with RGB color codes. It’s much more extensive than their previous color guide, and it works in conjunction with an Adobe Swatch Exchange Library, which you can download from here. To make a long story short, working from a chart [...]

Donate Your Surplus Fabric

If you’ve been inspired to declutter your stash, here’s a wonderful thing to do with your “purge” pile. In 1994 Amina, aged 18 at the time, fled the harrowing violence of the Rwandan civil war, the poverty and the dismal future in Rwanda. As a teenage mother she was wounded but miraculously survived this genocide. [...]