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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Robert Kaufman – Kids’ Collections

  The ultracreative Suzy Ultman‘s newest collection is the musical-animal-themed Jazz Between Friends.     Forest Playground by Feng Liang     Gnome Living by Illustration Ink     Ruff n’ Tuff by Sleepy Tree       Critter Club by Pink Light Design       Uptown by Brejer, which I suppose could skew [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2012: Robert Kaufman – Kids and Novelties

Robert Kaufman has some great novelty/kids collections coming up. Yeti, anthropomorphized sushi, ninja, growth charts on fabric, and cute new takes on mainstays like Paris and forest critters. First up:¬†Ann Kelle‘s Woodland Pals. And before scrolling down, guess which Seuss book RK is bringing to fabric next? Bright and Buzzy by Laurie Wisbrun includes a [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2011: Robert Kaufman – Two Beachy Collections

Mission View is by Brejer, a husband-wife design team based in New York City. “Beachy” comes to mind for me — it has a modern hippie/boho/California/Hawaii feel. And definitely beachy: Surf Time, by Heidi Dobrott. Related posts: Spring Quilt Market 2011: Robert Kaufman – Organic Collections Fall Quilt Market 2011: Robert Kaufman – Holiday 2012 [...]