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Five Reasons You Should Be Reading the Retro Age Vintage Fabrics Blog

1. Vanessa blogs daily about textiles, life, and the intersection between life and textiles. Which can be quite moving. 2. Shop updates, but of course … 3. She recently bought the complete 1946-1965 collection of American Fabrics Magazine, which I think means she loves vintage fabric more than you and I combined … 4. … [...]

The Fabric Shopper

The Fabric Shopper is a new blog “dedicated to online fabric sources and inspiration.” She covers a set topic each day of the week: Sundays: Fabric on Sale! (A listing of sales at online fabric shops) Mondays: New Fabric in the Shop! (new arrivals at online fabric shops) Tuesdays: Tutorials or Free Patterns (something to [...]

Another Textile Blog to Watch

Textile Swatches is a new textile blog written by Seema Krish. Krish was born in India and now lives in Boston, Mass., where she works as a textile designer. Her focus is on interior textiles but she has also covered some fashion. Definitely one to keep an eye on — I have found some new-to-me [...]