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Digital Fabric of the Week: Hallobirdies from Aunt June

Aunt June (aka Lauren Hunt) has a new digital design available via the Spoonflower Marketplace. Her birds are dressed up for Halloween, but her signature rainbow array of background colors makes this print suitable year-round. Read more about it, and about bad haircut stories, here. Awesome! Related posts: Lauren Hunt (My Aunt June): And Your [...]

Daily Swatch: Let’s Ride Bikes

Lauren of the aforementioned Aunt June not only saved me from a slight shortage of vintage bicycle-themed fabrics, but provided one so good that I had to save it for the grand finale. Those wheels are so great — they look like the underbelly of a mushroom. Thanks so much for sharing, Lauren! Related posts: [...]

New Flock Collection by Aunt June

Check out the new Spoonflower-printed Flock series from My Aunt June! I love that crazy little bird. Medallions, too — I’ve been working on this post for twenty minutes and I just realized there are feathers in those medallions. It’s like seeing the secret picture in those, um, secret picture things. Moving on. Flock is [...]