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Cute Bright Fun

  Vintage rayon-acetate blend polka dot print, from Cute Bright Fun on Etsy, who has a nice selection of fabrics leaning toward the latter end of midcentury. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Feathers Vintage Calico Vintage Dress Fabrics and Rayons at Sharon’s Four Birds Vintage Daily Swatch: Rayon

Timeless Treasures: Elephant Showers

Elephant Showers, a house collection from Timeless Treasures, is so retro-good, I may not need to shop for vintage fabric again. Well, that will never happen, but these happy 60s-70s prints made the thought at least cross my mind, so that’s saying something! { image courtesty Hawthorne Threads } Related posts: Timeless Treasures: Elephants on [...]


I posted about BunnyBunnybyPinks more than a year ago, but had forgotten about them completely till I stumbled across their crazy sweet 60s-inspired fabrics again on Etsy. So I assume you have forgotten too and would appreciate the reminder! This is a brick-and-mortar and webshop in Osaka, Japan that produces their own exclusive fabric collection [...]

Alice Apple: New Fabrics

Just two of the many new Spoonflower-printed fabrics from Alice Apple. I just love her! ( images from Alice Apple’s blog ) Related posts: Alice Apple Oliver + S Little Things to Sew Fabrics Digital Fabric of the Week: Hamburger Liebe Pixel Fabrics on Spoonflower Fabrics by Frumafar

Daily Swatch: Chenille

Ummm, WOW, right? This vintage peacock themed chenille bedspread (c.1950s-60s) was sold by Atomic Space Junk. See more examples of crazy insane chenille peacock bedspreads here on eBay. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Chenille Daily Swatch: Chenille Daily Swatch: Chenille Daily Swatch: Chenille Daily Swatch: Mushrooms

Daily Swatch: Dekoplus

I don’t know much about the company Dekoplus except that they were based in the Netherlands and produced very distinct mod/folk designs in the 60s and 70s (and perhaps beyond). Above: Dekoplus vintage cotton curtains from mannagryn design (blog) on Flickr. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Dekoplus Daily Swatch: Dekoplus Daily Swatch: Dekoplus Daily Swatch: Those [...]

Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets

Circus and (non-scary) clown-themed sheet, c.1960s per seller. $10 from marybethhale on Etsy. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets Daily Swatch: Vintage Sheets

New Release Tuesday

Caitlin and Camelia are two floral mini-collections (within the ongoing Fashionista collection) from Alexander Henry. Well, they’re mini collections featuring maxi prints, or at least, florals that make me think of maxi dresses.Images from Hawthorne Threads.   And while we’re alluding the the Sixties, the Peace Group from Michael Miller is also hitting the shops [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week: BunnyBunnybyPinks

BunnyBunnybyPinks is a shop in Japan with their own exclusive collection of fabrics and craft supplies, which, lucky for us, they sell on Etsy. Their prints remind me a lot of the much-coveted vintage sheets from the 60s-70s that have become so popular in the craft world lately. Related posts: BunnyBunnybyPinks Japanese Fabric of the [...]