Linen Source Guide

Looking for 100% linen fabric? Below are some sources to check out. Learn more about linen here and pick up some sewing tips here.

All-Linen or Mostly-Linen:


Linnet: in addition to plain linen in every weight from gauze to canvas, they carry towelcloth and grain bag cloth; gorgeous prints; blended fabrics; and linen thread, ribbon, yarn, and lace. Some custom Linnet cotton prints too. Be warned, the product photography will make you extremely wanty. Plain linen is 1400 yen (about $14) per 50 cm (about 1/2 yard). They ship worldwide (I think?) and have a physical shop in Kyoto, Japan. is another mostly-linen shop. The website is very well-organized, it’s easy to find the weight and color you’re seeking. They carry plain linen, jacquard weaves, prints, yarn-dyes, and blends. The prices are extremely good – mid-weight plain natural linen is only about $6.50 per yard. If you’re not sure what to get, they will send you free samples. Full Disclosure: I just joined their affiliate program, so I earn a little money if you buy through the link.


Grayline Linen: The linen mothership in New York City’s fabric district also sells online. They have handkerchief weight, “Warsa” (medium), and “Judy” (medium-heavy) in a wide palette of colors, prints, yarn dyes, and pretty much everything you can do with 100% linen, all at bargain prices. Note: True Up has received a couple complaints regarding Grayline’s customer service.

Stores That Carry Other Fabrics Too

If you’re looking for more of a one-stop shop, try these:

Fashion Fabrics Club: A search for “100% linen” returned 461 items, looks to be around $9.50/yard average. Blends are very inexpensive (around $4/yard). Irish linen in various weights is $10.98/yard, European linen is a little more. Also stocks some nice prints.

Denver Fabrics: Has their linens organized by color instead of weight or blend vs. 100% linen, but the descriptions are thorough so you can find the right fabric for your project. 100% linen solids are around $9.50/yard.

Period Fabric: Specializing in fabrics for period costumes; has a small selection of linen solids, stripes, and plaids amongst their inventory of interesting (and very inexpensive) fabrics.

Silk Road: Though you have to call or fax in your order, I had to mention my local fabric store! This little Austin shop carries only natural fibers. They have very high-quality (I have bought from them, so I can vouch for that!) 60″ wide 100% linen solids for $14.95/yard, handkerchief and medium weight.

If I have missed any online sources for linen, please email me to let me know.