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Cute Bright Fun

  Vintage rayon-acetate blend polka dot print, from Cute Bright Fun on Etsy, who has a nice selection of fabrics leaning toward the latter end of midcentury. Related posts: Daily Swatch: Feathers Vintage Calico Vintage Dress Fabrics and Rayons at Sharon’s Four Birds Vintage Daily Swatch: Rayon

The Design Center: Zane Collection Geometrics

Here are some recent swatches catching my eye from The Design Center at Philadelphia’s tumblr blog. All geometric and dark, hmmm! Related posts: The Design Center Textile Stew: 07/16/09 Textile Stew: 6/25-6/26/09 Daily Swatch: Folky Geometric Week Textile Stew: 7/6/09


I had one of those panicky moments when I realized I hadn’t checked in on Japanese shop Pindot for a long time. Thankfully they are just the same, offering a beautifully curated selection of vintage fabric, their own line of cotton prints, and dress fabric. Last I heard shipping was within Japan only, but maybe [...]


Here are some amazing fabrics from Etsy shop Neatokeen, which also carries high-quality vintage hankies, tablecloths, aprons, clothing, tea towels, napkins, and a few non-textile items too. I came for the crazy lightning feedsack, and stayed for the Almedahls tea towels, including great wall hanging above by Louise Fougstedt. Everything midcentury cool, no junk.   [...]

Four Birds Vintage

Four Birds Vintage on Etsy has a nicely curated selection of vintage fabric from around the 1940s-70s. Lots of dress fabrics among them too. Related posts: Vintage Dress Fabrics and Rayons at Sharon’s Daily Swatch: Birds Week Vintage Calico Vintage Plaid & Check Daily Swatch: Birds Week II

Tactile Threads

Monique Combes is a vintage fabric connoisseur. Her favorite fabrics are ones with texture: barkcloth, polished cotton, and terrycloth. In fact she’s the only terrycloth fan and advocate that I know! Her love for it has spawned a book and a new shop, Tactile Threads. Terrycloth is great for summer garments, baby and kid’s projects, [...]

Atomic Satin

I don’t think I’ve ever seen satin brocade done up in mid-century/atomic-style motifs. I’m in love with this! From Fabulous Vintage Fabric in Australia. No related posts.

Vintage Calico

Niesz Vintage Fabric provides a nice history of calico in this recent blog post. I’d love to see a resurgence of calico — I wonder what a modern spin on the tiny print would look like. Here are a few more calicos for purchase or inspiration: From Sew Repurposed From Retro Revisited Trim from Destash [...]

The Design Center

Philadelphia University‘s Historic Textile Collection houses over 200,000 textile and fashion related objects in a historic midcentury house. Their staff started a Tumblr to share their swatch collection online, ranging from Victorian mill engraved prints to midcentury interiors textiles. They are also on Pinterest. This is a resource worthy of hyperventilation if I’ve ever seen [...]