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Dutch Door Press for Kokka

Keli saw a glimpse of these fabrics at Spring Quilt Market, but I didn’t realize till seeing them at Fabricworm and Matatabi that they were designed by San Francisco’s Dutch Door Press, who have been letterpressing and screenprinting their Penn-Dutch and Euro-folk motifs since 2007 on Etsy — I’ve always wanted to see them design [...]

Double Gauze at Fabric Tales

Fabric Tales in Japan ships worldwide and has a nice selection of double gauze, including the Fruit Flowers collection above, Nani Iro and Echino, and some plain solids in white and natural (for your printing ventures perhaps?). Related posts: Daiwabo Double Gauze Help Japan by Buying Japanese Fabric Japanese Fabric of the Week: Nani Iro [...]

Yuwa Circles and Strawberries

This vintage reproduction print by Yuwa is printed on cotton a cotton-linen blend, which is washed to create an aged look. I’ve not seen this fabrication in person yet but I love that they are trying to capture the look and feel of vintage fabric without its fragility. Spotted at Jones & Vandermeer. Related posts: [...]

Vintage Prints From Daiwabo

These cute, vintage feedsack-y prints from Daiwabo were found at Japan Lovely Crafts on Etsy. Related posts: Daiwabo Double Gauze Spring Quilt Market 2011: Daiwabo – Novelty Prints Spring Quilt Market 2011: Daiwabo – Novelty Prints Black & White Floral by Yuko Furutani Spring Quilt Market 2011: Daiwabo – Kanon & More

Japanese Cotton Lawns

Japan Lovely Crafts on Etsy has a good selection right now of cotton lawns from Yuwa, Cosmo, and other manufacturers. Related posts: Cosmo Cotton Lawn Japanese Fabric of the Week: Memoire a Paris Cotton Lawn Budget Cotton Lawns at Japanese Fabric of the Week: Yuwa Umbrellas Help Japan by Buying Japanese Fabric

Anyan: Cotorienne

I have seen bits and pieces of this Yuwa collection around the shops and loved the prints individually, and now that I’ve seen the whole thing together thanks to Fancy Tiger in Denver, I love it even more. Related posts: Misc. Retro/Reproductions from Yuwa/Kei Yuwa Circles and Strawberries Yuwa Live Life Tea Patchwork Japanese Fabric [...]

Alain Grée Fabric

I posted about some Japanese Alain Grée fabric a while back, but I haven’t seen any since. Now, look, here’s some more! RicoBel on Etsy, from Belgium, has this print in two colorways. Ricobel is actually THE official licensor of Gree’s work, so be sure to follow their blog if you’re a Grée fan. Related [...]

Puti de Pome Sketch Stripe

I love this simple scribble stripe from the Puti de Pome collection from Kiyohara — though the collection is ultra cute and kid-themed this stripe could be anything you wanted it to be. It’s a cotton-linen blend, in two colorways, spotted at Superbuzzy. Related posts: New Puti de Pome by Kiyohara Fall Quilt Market 2011: [...]

Farm Animals From Lecien

These cute and outsider-art-y looking farm animals are on a cotton-linen blend, also in a bright citron colorway. Spotted at Form & Fabric. Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the Week: Floating Animals Kokka Happy Animals Happy Cats and Dogs Daily Swatch: Animals of Spring Kokka Cotton Linen