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Heather Ross Fabric and Video Class Giveaway on Creativebug

I think we are all excited to have Heather Ross back on quilting cotton and on jersey knit for the first time, yes? Briar Rose, in stores now, is Heather’s first collection with Windham. She has lots of projects to make it even more irresistible. No doubt inspired by her little girl, two of these [...]


True Up is five years old today! Clearly I had done my taxes early in 2008 because no way I would have picked this day otherwise. It has been quite a journey, many ups and downs, and though things are leaner than they once were, and maybe blogging and RSS and forums are dead or [...]

Giveaway: Terry Cloth by Monique Combes

It has been a long, long time since I’ve done a giveaway, hasn’t it? Well, this book is so special it has me coming out of giveaway hibernation. Terry Cloth is by Monique Combes, a vintage fabric aficionado and proprietress of online shop Tactile Threads. Schiffer Books is the publisher of lots of great vintage fabric reference volumes, so I was [...]

Meet the Sponsors: nido

  Phiona, owner of Burlington, Vermont-based nido always closes her emails with “warmly,” and warmth perfectly encapsulates her shop. The brick-walled retail store and sewing hub just turned three years old (and had an enviable party!), and just visiting the online branch gives a sense of comfort, coziness, openness, and inspiration. She carries the finest modern fabrics [...]

Interview: Connecting Threads Designer Jenni Calo (With Giveaway!)

I’m really excited about today’s interview with Portland designer Jenni Calo of Connecting Threads not only because I love her work and admire her versatility, but because it will be very interesting for those of you interested in fabric design as a career. The in-house fabric designer is a rare breed — as I write [...]

Giveaway: Automatic Patterns Class on

  If you have tried designing patterns in Adobe Illustrator version CS5 or earlier, you know that it is a powerful tool, but creating repeats with it is not the most intuitive or elegant process. The new version, Illustrator CS6, has a Pattern Mode that makes the process much easier, but it has some limitations [...]

Meet the Sponsors / Giveaway: Laura Coyle of

Last week I was The Expert on‘s Meet the Expert series, where Atlanta-based designer and instructor (and jazz vocalist!) Laura Coyle gave me a warm welcome and asked me questions. This week, I’m excited that the tables are turned! Laura is an extremely talented freelance designer whose client list will make your head spin. [...]

Blog Tour: Sewing MODKID Style by Patty Young

Designer Patty Young has further rounded out her already-impressive resume with her new book Sewing ModKid Style, published by Wiley Craft. I am excited to play hostess to her blog tour today. Now, there have been books about sewing for girls, but Patty’s is unique in that it focuses on sewing with knits for girls. [...]

Meet the Sponsors: Sew Modern

Welcome to the latest installment of our Meet the Sponsors series! It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lauren Hawley, owner of Sew Modern. Lauren’s shop is both online and brick and mortar — her Los Angeles, California shop is a haven for modern quilters, becoming a popular destination for touring designers and authors. In [...]