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Japanese Fabric of the Week: Grandmother’s Flower Garden by Rosalie Quinlan

Grandmother’s Flower Garden is Australian designer Rosalie Quinlan (of Melly & Me fame)’s debut collection of Japanese company Lecien. It has been out in stores for several weeks now. This sweet collection is a tribute to the classic, hexagon-based Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. You can use these quilting cottons to make a GFG quilt of [...]

New Flock Collection by Aunt June

Check out the new Spoonflower-printed Flock series from My Aunt June! I love that crazy little bird. Medallions, too — I’ve been working on this post for twenty minutes and I just realized there are feathers in those medallions. It’s like seeing the secret picture in those, um, secret picture things. Moving on. Flock is [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week: Echino Fall 2009

Here’s a closer look at Echino Fall 2009 by Etsuko Furuya, previously seen at Quilt Market. It’s now available in the shops, woohooo! These are all cotton-linen blends — which some may argue is a better all-purpose fabric than quilting cotton. (It’s certainly better for clothing!) The border print Birdsong, above, is in four colorways, [...]

Vlisco: Frozen Dreams

I was going to save a post on Vlisco for an African fabric series, but the series keeps getting put off because every time I start my researching, I get overwhelmed! I mean, we’re talking an entire continent with ancient history. There is so much to learn on wax prints alone. But anyway, I was [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week

Two prints from the Huala Lani collection, sold by the Hongkong-based FelicitySiu on Etsy (click on images to see the individual listings). What do you think — are Hawaiian motifs are going to be the next mini-trend in Japanese fabrics? Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the Week: Triangle Trees Japanese Fabric of the Week Japanese [...]

Alexander Henry: Lorenza

I just want to give Alexander Henry a running high-five for this new-in-stores quilting weight cotton collection, Lorenza. Above, the scandalously named Nude colorway; below is Aubergine. These images are from Hancock’s of Paducah; Pink Chalk Fabrics also has the Sage colorway and a couple more prints not pictured here. (Shops, please let us know [...]

Japanese Fabric of the Week

I don’t know anything about this traffic jam fabric except that it is Japanese and RAD. If anyone can identify it further or find it for sale anywhere, let us know in the comments! (via Blempgorf — it was being sold through a defunct Etsy shop.) Related posts: Japanese Fabric of the Week: Triangle Trees [...]

Betz White: Indian Summer

Oh, I have so much catch-up to do on fabric news now! Betz White recently released a new colorway, called Indian Summer, of her organic fabric collection (the first colorway, Family Cottage, was introduced this past summer. She writes: “I’ve printed my line on a new base fabric that I know you’re going to love: [...]

Fall Quilt Market 2009: What I Missed

Today marks the end of my Fall Quilt Market coverage. About 40 posts! Are you sick of it? Looking forward to returning to the normal posting routine? I just wanted to give shout-outs to the companies and people I missed. Quilt Market is so big, people, seriously. Three days going full speed and I still [...]