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Blog Tour: Sewing MODKID Style by Patty Young

Designer Patty Young has further rounded out her already-impressive resume with her new book Sewing ModKid Style, published by Wiley Craft. I am excited to play hostess to her blog tour today. Now, there have been books about sewing for girls, but Patty’s is unique in that it focuses on sewing with knits for girls. [...]

Quilting Solids Roundup

Solids have gained (re-gained, maybe) a lot of respect as a quilting fabric in recent years. There’s no better proof of that than the abundance of choices on the market now. Manufacturers small and large are offering their own unique palettes. I thought a little overview of what’s available these days might be useful for [...]

Milk Fabric

Milk and sleep are the only things I’m able to think about these days, so it’s kind of funny that this story on milk fabric has popped up (via Spoonflower on Twitter). With the rising cost of cotton and the growing interest in more environmentally friendly textiles, maybe milk fabric will catch on. Well, the [...]

The Great Knit Fabric Experiment

{ Harmony Art‘s knit prints }   I have to admit, though I have a few yards of it in my stash, I’ve never sewn with knits in my life. But Stitch Simple‘s recent Great Knit Fabric Experiment is getting me motivated. If you aren’t already familiar with Stitch Simple, it’s an online shop offering [...]

True Up Follow Up!

{ Some nicely ripped fabric from my stash. } My post from a few weeks back Do You True Up? garnered lots of great feedback (both in the comments and via email), and I learned a thing or two, so I wanted to post a follow-up. One big surprise for me was that it sounds [...]

Do You True Up?

This blog will turn three years old in just a couple months, and I haven’t yet written a post about the sewing term after which this site is named — trueing up. For shame! Well, let’s make up for lost time. “True up” means means to make balanced, straight, square. In sewing, it means to [...]

Printsource’s Top 10 Print Ideas for Spring/Summer 2012

In advance of their upcoming trade show in New York City from January 10-12, 2011, Printsource has released a Top Ten list of print ideas for Spring/Summer 2012. The list was compiled by surface design studio Pattern People to highlight trends in the fashion and home textiles markets. (By the way, Pattern People is an [...]

The Long Thread on Fabric Printing

The first recap of the recent Fabric Design Weekend in Atlanta is — Ellen of The Long Thread shares a big list of low-tech fabric printing techniques. Copy that list and paste it into your crafty bucket list! Update: Event host Deborah has a recap with plenty of pictures here. Related posts: Whipstitch Fabric Design [...]

Happy Birthday Toile!

Via Wren, I learned that this year is the 250th birthday of toile. She created two toile patterns (including “Darling Toile,” above) in honor of her native South Africa for the design magazine Visi. They’re free for download from this link. Even if you’re not interested in toile or modern twists on it, it’s worth [...]