About True Up

“True Up” means to make balanced, straight, square. In sewing, “true up” means making a piece of fabric true to grain with a cut or rip.

True Up is a blog devoted to fabric.

Why fabric? Because you’re probably touching some right now, unless you’re a nudist who lacks the common courtesy to keep a towel handy. Despite it being a prevalent part of everyone’s daily lives, there were no blogs devoted to fabric back when I started this site in April 2008.

Well, OK, the fabric universe is huge. This blog focuses on fabric for crafting, quilting, apparel, and home decorating. It’s not about sewing — there are already so many blogs who do a knockout job with their sewing projects and advice — it’s more a celebration of pattern and texture.

My name is Kim Kight. I’m an avid fabric collector with a particular interest in midcentury prints. I’m also an eager student in the self-taught school of surface pattern design. I’ve been writing about my crafting projects online at Dioramarama since 2004. I am also a part-time speech-language pathologist with a background as a linguist, writer, editor, and proofreader.

Our Posts

We post 2-4 times a day, five days a week, Monday-Friday, on topics including fabric industry news, new fabric collection previews, vintage fabric, surface pattern design, store spotlights, designer profiles, stash management, and much more. We also have regular features throughout the week:

Monday: Japanese Fabric of the Week
Tuesday: New Release Tuesday (every 2-3 weeks)
Wednesday: Home Dec Fabric of the Week; Interviews, Blog Tours, and Giveaways
Thursday: Digital Fabric of the Week
Friday: Sale Alerts; Vintage Weekly

If you’d like to have fabrics considered for publication, just email me. Sale Alert submission guidelines are here.

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