Hand Quilted With Love by Sarah Fielke

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Hand Quilted With Love by Sarah Fielke
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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “collections” as applied to designing things like fabric and projects for books — why we make them and how consumers respond to them. Having a theme can serve as a much-needed constraint and help you filter and edit when you are bombarded with ideas and need to focus. The downside is, you run the risk of creating filler that serves the theme but maybe is not your best work. But maybe brilliant work can also spring from the need to “fill in the gaps.” Without a guiding theme — creating one-offs instead of collections — you can follow your whims more, and produce only the work that you’re really inspired to create and for which you have a strong vision.


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With her first three books that she co-authored or authored solo, Sarah Fielke worked with themes. I’m not saying any of the work was filler, far from it! If it was I can’t tell. I’d say she’d fall more on the brilliant side when it comes to filling in the gaps. But her new book (her fourth), Hand Quilted With Love (which is not about hand-quilting as in sewing with your hand and needle and thread, but about handmaking in the larger sense) is simply an assortment of quilt patterns for quilts that Sarah had always wanted to make. In other words, Sarah unchained. The result is simply brilliant. Sarah’s signature style is to use lots of little snippets of prints, and not really any solids to speak of — the backgrounds tend to be make with polka dots and stripes and such. With her impeccable sense of balance, the quilts end up looking vibrant and happy, with depth and texture, rather than coming off as discordant. To her borders are an opportunity for more piecing and compositional play, rather than a boring old single-fabric frame that doesn’t do much more than make the quilt bigger.

Hand Quilted With Love features 16 quilt patterns, with a good mixture of easy, intermediate, and advanced projects. There is gorgeous photography throughout, but even when the quilts are stylishly draped, each pattern also shows the quilt flat so you can really see the whole composition. There is not much in the way of beginner instructional exposition, only a higher-level tips direct from Sarah’s bag of tricks.

My camera is busted (literally – by a hammer-wielding child!) or else I’d show you more from the book today. But there are already wonderful images in the two blog tour stops behind me and I encourage you to follow it in the days ahead to see all the patterns.


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