Spring Quilt Market 2013: In the Beginning


In The Beginning Fabrics was showcasing a number of contemporary fabric lines at Spring Quilt Market this year. Known for their artistic print collections, In The Beginning has recently released a line of solids called Modern Solids. The collection has 40 colors from crisp grays to vibrant reds and oranges to soft blues and was the highlight of their booth.

The fabrics are yarn-dyed rather than whole-cloth dyed. This means that the threads that make up the fabric are dyed first and then two different colors are woven together. This gives a more subtle coloration which adds a glow to the fabric that is not usually seen in solids. The booth featured the curtains in the background as well as two quilts made from these fabrics. The fabric itself has a lovely feel to it – it’s slightly heavier than the shot cottons from Westminster Fibers, but not too heavy.



Another modern basic collection is Dit Dot, which is a grouping of small tonal dots in a variety of colors. These little dots are great for blending with prints or solids and are perfect for when you’re looking for something with a little bit of movement. This collection has 21 colors, and here are a few of my favorites. I am especially loving the shades of aqua and green that are popular right now, but the neutrals are also great.


Moving on to prints, In The Beginning designer Lida Enche has a new collection called A Garden For Olivia, which was inspired by her daughter. Lida has a lovely painterly style and a keen sense of color which translates into lush fabric designs. A Garden For Olivia is Lida’s third collection and features large dahlia-like flowers, smaller fluffy blooms, adorable birds and some fun textural pieces including a free-form dot and a geometric tonal. There are three main colorways; a fall-ish teal and rust combination, pale golds and greens, and striking darker blues from royal to teal.




Finally, another favorite In The Beginning designer, Julie Paschkis, has a new collection called Bohemia. Julie has designed many lines for In The Beginning and usually includes a fun panel in her collection. Julie’s art is very folk-inspired and has an eclectic, fanciful feel to it. Bohemia is full of prints with animals, flowers and organic patterns in an earthy yet bright color scheme. The panel in this collection is adorable – there are six animals surrounded by pretty flowers on a black background. I love all of them but I am particularly obsessed with the squirrel in a jacket! The coordinates include a medium-scale multi-colored floral print, a smaller four-petaled daisy in a grid fomration, and various tonal designs. The tonals have some beautiful floral designs (I love this rust on gold and teal on mint version), as well as cute basic dots and a neat diamond print. Julie’s other collections have all looked beautiful on fabric and I think this one will be no exception.


In The Beginning’s Modern Solids are available in stores now, but all of the other collections will be coming later this year. Check out In The Beginning’s website to see more images from each of these collections.

Becca Jubie is co-owner of Quilt Sandwich Fabrics on Etsy and also works for In The Beginning Fabrics. She has been quilting for over 10 years and is obsessed with fabric! Becca lives in Seattle, WA, and is on the board of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. She occasionally writes about her creative pursuits on her blog, The Becca Jubie Project.


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    Thanks for explaining what “yarn dyed” entails. I always wondered…