Spring Quilt Market 2013: Art Gallery Fabrics – Pat Bravo and AGF Studio

ArtGallery Booth2

Art Gallery Fabrics had a large presence at the Spring Quilt Market with an adorable and creative company-wide booth and individual booths for each of their designers. The individual booths gave each designer a chance to promote their collection in a unique way and was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each designer’s personality and style. Those will each be featured in turn — let’s start the tour now with the in-house AGF Studio, and Art Gallery Fabrics founder Pat Bravo‘s newest collections.



ArtGallery Booth1




AGF Studio featured a fun new collection titled Minimalista. The collection consists of seven modern patterns, which come in four sophisticated color palettes: Noir, Watermelon, Honeycomb, and Turquoise. The collection also features a free, modern quilt pattern entitled “Acute Triangle.” Minimalista is scheduled to arrive in stores in October 2013.


Carnaby Street_booth2

Carnaby Street by Pat Bravo is an energetic collection inspired by “the Swinging London movement of the 1960s” and features 10 bold patterns ranging from florals to geometrics. The collection is currently available and comes in two exciting color stories: Rad Love and Cool Peace.



Carnaby Street_patterns

Carnaby Street_booth


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