Spring Quilt Market 2013: Alexander Henry


I was so excited to visit the Alexander Henry booth at Quilt Market and it did not disappoint! Their booth was colorful and creative, just like their amazing collection of fabrics.

The focus of their booth was a fun new collection called Everyday Eden. The walls of the booth were covered with patchwork shapes in the fabric line, topped with these fun dolls from Land of Nod.


This whimsical collection features a medium-scale main print and a variety of colorful coordinates. The artwork has a fun doodle-ey feel, almost like it was drawn with markers. In the main print, happy folks enjoy their outdoor garden filled with groovy trees, sweet flowers, and soaring birds. The coordinates echo the fanciful main print, with smaller florals, birds and funky dots. Everyday Eden comes in three colorways – Citrus, with shades of orange, yellow and lime, Red/Blue, with a variety of blues accented by tomato red, and Smokey Turquoise, which is a darker blue/violet colorway that evokes an evening garden. This is a really fun collection that would be great for kids’ projects like clothes and room décor, or something jaunty for your kitchen.






Another new collection that is highly anticipated is the newest Ghastlies collection, A Ghastlie Holiday. The fourth Ghastlie collection finds the Ghastlie family getting ready for the holidays. If the usual Christmas fabric is too festive for you, this more macabre version in muted colors might be for you!
The main print shows the Ghastlies in their home, now decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths, boughs and cobwebs. It comes in four colorways that are all pretty and subdued– Smoke, Mauve, Blood and Headstone (a nice sage green). Here are the Blood and Headstone colorways plus some of the coordinates.




My favorite coordinate is the Ghastlie Web – the delicate cobweb design is gorgeous and the moths caught in them have some beautiful details. I love the colors – the Mauve is beautiful and a nice pink for winter. The other coordinates are also great and can be used for accents or as tonals. The Ghastlie Forest is not a new design but is a great basic for your stash, especially in this subtle Mist colorway. The Ghastlie Violets are quite sweet and come in a wide variety of colors. And the scribbly Bramble will add a bit of an edge to your sewing projects.


One thing I love about Alexander Henry is that they seem to have an endless supply of novelty prints that are all really unusual but super fun. You probably didn’t know you needed luchador or big-eyed kitten fabric, but it turns out you do and now you can have it!

First things first – I never met a Luchador I didn’t like! Okay, so I’ve never met a Luchador, but if they’re anything like this awesome fabric, I’m sure I’ll love them. Super Luche Libre is covered with the best Mexican wrestlers in their groovy wrestling finery. And the coordinating mask fabric is pretty cool, too. I’m picturing a pillowcase out of these two.



Continuing on with bright, graphic prints, we have Countdown and In Crowd. I’m always a fan of typography fabric, but you don’t see number fabrics as much so this bold design with it’s old-school typeface immediately caught my eye. In Crowd also has a retro feel with these groovy faces in a grid formation. Both of these prints come in four colorways and they are all equally rockin’.



Speaking of retro, here are two charming mod prints right out of the 60’s. Mademoiselle is just adorable, with off-kilter squares filled with all manner of girly accessories – phones, shoes, makeup, and sunhats. Vinyl Vacation has a more relaxed feel, featuring watercolor vignettes of jet-setters enjoying some leisure time. In both pieces the colors are fab!



This print from Thumbelina Ballerina might just be the cutest thing ever – who can say no to big-eyed kittens?! I love the aqua background combined with the warm gold and coral colors. Another great fabric for pillowcases.

Alexander Henry always has a way with Asian-themed fabric. They manage to create artistic designs without being overly serious. This sweet collection has happy Japanese ladies enjoying the outdoors with cats, fish and pretty scenery in the main print, Aoi Has 2 Sisters. There’s also a border stripe with more ladies along one edge and fun little images on the rest of the fabric. For coordinates there is the classic A-Chan Diamond and Kingyo, this cute little goldfish print.



Finally, it’s not an Alexander Henry Quilt Market without some buff, shirtless men! This time they’re out in a creepy forest at night and might just be werewolves and vampires. Outdoor Moon is perfect for you Twilight fans, especially if Edward’s pants aren’t tight enough for you in the movies.

Well, I don’t think we can top that one! To see more new Alexander Henry fabrics, visit www.ahfabrics.com.

Becca Jubie is co-owner of Quilt Sandwich Fabrics on Etsy and also works for In The Beginning Fabrics. She has been quilting for over 10 years and is obsessed with fabric! Becca lives in Seattle, WA, and is on the board of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. She occasionally writes about her creative pursuits on her blog, The Becca Jubie Project.


  1. What?! Countdown is back! Best fabric news of 2013.

  2. Angela says:

    Yes! I MUST get countdown! I’ve been dying to own that fabric for years but it was out of print!

  3. elizabeth says:

    Oh Gosh!! These are so beautiful I feel a little hoarding coming on. Love!

  4. Alie says:

    Ahhh!!! Love Alexander Henry, and I don’t think I can choose a favorite line from these! They all look great. Thank you for sharing them. I’m going to have to get everyone now.