Muddy Works by Tomotake



{ image from Pink Chalk Fabrics }

I misidentifed this collection at Quilt Market as Nani Iro (thanks to Miss Matatabi for the info), so I am posting to make amends and also because they’re wonderful fabrics worth another look. Muddy Works is by husband and wife design team Tomotake, and the simple geometric designs are printed on double gauze, quilted double gauze, cotton-linen blend, and cotton sheeting. I’ve only seen the double gauze and cotton sheeting show up in U.S. shops (and they seem to be going fast — Pink Chalk Fabrics has sold out already!) but maybe there is more to come.






bolt images from Tomotake

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  1. greta songe says:

    Oh my I love these!! We have them at our local shop, Home Ec—and they just feel amazing too. What a wonderful collection. :)