Echino Jacquards

Echino Big Blossoms and Birds Fucshia/Natural Jacquard

At Fall Quilt Market as everyone exchanged hot tips on things to see, there was lots of excited whispering, “Echino jaquards! Echino jacquards! Echino! Jaquards!” They are finally arriving in U.S. stores for all your upholstery and other heavyweight woven needs. Can you imagine an entire Echino sofa?

Thanks to The Stitch Lab in Austin for sharing their pics. They are diehard Echino fans so of course they have them all.

Echino Nature Damask Fucshia/Silver Jacquard

Echino Big Blossoms and Birds Black/Natural Jacquard

Echino Nature Damask Aqua/Seafoam Jacquard

Echino Nature Damask Purple/Aqua Jacquard


  1. CityCraft says:

    We got all three of the bloom and bird prints… Working hard to get them uploaded to the website today! Available now in-store. Kim, will I see you in Portland? Lunch date?

  2. CityCraft says:

    Sorry, the correct name of that print is “Big Berry”.

  3. Doris says:

    For the sake of my bank account, I did NOT need to know these existed… stunning!