Prints Charming at Spotlight

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Prints Charming has been designing collections for Australian craft & fabric store chain Spotlight. It’s their signature happy, bright, hand-screenprinting-inspired look, only on fashion fabrics! Their next collection (bottommost photo) will be on pinwale corduroy.

prints charming dress fabrics spotlight


printscharming pinwale cord


  1. Victoria says:

    Love that stuff…

  2. Bella says:

    Its such a shame that these gorgeous prints are not able to be purchased overseas!! Hopefully this changes soon? ;-) Last time I was visiting home (am an expat Aussie) I stocked up on quite a few Prints Charming designs- they are all colourful,mod/scandinavian influenced and fantastic!! I also noticed that Spotlight has vastly improved their collection, with lots of liberty-style prints, and more of a contemporary, modern feel to their fabric collections-especially in cottons and dress fabrics- they seem to be releasing lots more locally designed fabric which is really great.