Magical Fairy Tale Prints by Nadja Girod


I subscribe to Nadja Girod‘s blog Smil and always enjoy her adventures in screenprinting and digital printing. She lives in Berlin and runs print workshops, and sells stuff through her online shop. Every time I scroll by a post I always say “someone needs to get this girl a fabric collection!” which I also said when I saw these images, only it turns out someone DID get her a fabric collection! Magic Fairy Tale Prints (Märchendrucke) is a production of Lebenskleidung in Germany, and the fabrics are 100% organic. I’m not sure if this manufacturer sells to retailers abroad but if you are able to order, let us know! Arrival date is set for April-May of this year.

children’s fabrics


  1. Nadja says:

    Thank you, Kim, that’s very sweet of you! Btw, your book is helping me teach my new pattern screen print class, so thank you for that as well :)

  2. Ben says:

    Hey Kim,

    great posting this.

    Yes. Nadja deserves to have zillions of prints :) but now we just have started with this cute collection. We are for sure shipping abroad worldwide and would be happy to see Nadjas magical Grimms’ fairy tale collection in the Brother Grimm Year 2013 all over the place. Just check our english page under for details.

    Don’t panic – go organic

    Greetz from Berlin