Greta Songe



I got to meet Greta Songe at Fall Quilt Market, she is the nicest! Her first fabric collections with Marcus‘ new Studio 37 are now in stores. Great, inventive color combinations and sweet retro designs with hand-drawn touches. Her first two mini-collections are Kitschy Kitchen and the bike-riding themed Here to There.





Greta wrote me to share a peek at Apple Dee Doo Dah, which will come out this summer. This time, we get more coordinates and more great color mixes (and a song that won’t get out of your head. Was that the plan?)

apple dee doo dah



Greta also has a ton of designs on Spoonflower – and over at the Spoonflower blog they’ve got an interview with her and are holding a giveaway of fat quarter bundles of her Marcus AND digital fabrics through Feb. 12.

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  1. Mand y Munroe says:

    Love this collection!