TED Talk: Lessons on Fashion’s Free Culture

[ted id=866]

A little video for your Sunday – Johanna Blakely, managing director and director of research at USC’s Norman Lear Center, giving a TED Talk about how the fashion industry benefits from the lack of copyright protection. I thought this would be of interest to readers, though keep in mind that textile prints are subject to copyright even if fashion designs are not.


  1. love this! Especially where she makes the argument that the fashion industry experiences more growth because of sharing!

  2. Love it. Excellent point of view, and so interesting. Honestly, copying only angers the designer because someone has made something better. Move on. If you have a great design, and someone copies it, you should be working on the next design.

  3. Thanks for sharing this TED link. I love the TED series and it is great to watch something that strikes so close to home.

  4. Nadja says:

    Interesting talk! I was actually surprised, what is and what is not protected and how it differs around the world.