See You Next Week.

It has been quite a week. We’re moving, which is chaotic enough. On top of it we’re treating one of our dogs for heartworm, so we have to make sure he gets no excitement through all the movers and doors opening and closing and leashes being brandished. Then, today, our preschooler came down with the chicken pox, so he’s a sad sack (but seems to have a mild case so far, thank goodness), and we’re watching and worrying about the baby getting it! Aaaaaah. So, I will be out of commission for the next several days, but can’t wait to get back because it means we will be semi-settled. See you as soon as I can. I know you can’t stand being without fabric input for that long, so I think you should join the Fabric Design Forum and talk it over in my absence. And visit the sponsors over there on the right to see what’s new with them. Cheers!


  1. Weeks Ringle says:

    Good luck with the move Kim. Having just done it without a new baby, sick dog and a sick toddler I can’t imagine how challenging it will be. Take care of yourself. I hope the new house is wonderful.

  2. Maria do Carmo Pezzuto says:

    Boa sorte !!! Quando vem tudo junto e misturado dá um certo receio…Mas,vá em frente,e que Deus te proteja.Beijos.

  3. melis says:

    Oh my word! Sounds like a crazy whirlwind of nutso going on over there! And chicken pox too?! Boo. Sounds horrible. Good luck with EVERYthing! Just think in a few weeks it will all be a distant memory! :)

  4. Maria Kievit says:

    Good luck with everything. Hope all goes well with kids, dog and move!

  5. Tabatha says:

    Ug, you’ve got a lot on your plate, good luck!

    Regarding chicken pox, if he has a mild dose, he may get them again and again! Yup, I didn’t know that either until my son had them no less than 3 times and each time he was sent home from school.

  6. Bettina says:

    All the best with the move, the doggie and the Chickenpoxed! Take some time out for you and yours, relax (as soon as you can, it being a move…) we’ll still be here, promise!

  7. Sarah M says:

    Yikes! Hope all goes well – moving is tough. If I were closer, I’d come help!

  8. Cindi says:

    All of that would set me back months! We can easily wait a few days or even a few weeks. Take care of them babies.

  9. Kim says:

    Thank you all! Your comments have been very comforting! We’re now settling in to the new house (great), and watching the pox pop up on the baby (not so great).