Ottobre on Etsy

Ottobre is a very highly regarded magazine of children’s clothing patterns. The Finnish company also publishes women’s clothing issues a couple times a year. If you’ve ever sewn with them or just flipped through, you’ve probably wondered about the great fabrics they use and figured that the apparel fabric stores in Finland must be amazing. Well now you don’t have to book a flight to see for yourself (though I’m sure they’d love if you visited!) — Ottobre is selling fabrics and their current and past magazine issues on Etsy. I picked some of my favorite fabrics to show you here. Lots of great printed knits, velour, and apparel-weight cottons. I love the simple styling of the photographs too.


  1. KathyH says:

    So, Kim, are you saying these are worth the price? Because they are lovely, but very expensive.

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve not sewed with them, but I do know that good knit prints are hard to come by … and if you’re sewing for kids it doesn’t take much yardage.