Meet the Sponsors: Connecting Threads

{ Dancing Daisies from Montecito by Jenni Calo }

I think I first learned of Connecting Threads a while back when I was knitting more than I was sewing. If you’re a knitter you certainly know Knitpicks, a company offering affordable, quality yarns and knitting supplies. Connecting Threads is actually Knitpicks’ sister company, under parent company Crafts Americana, and they are to the quilt world what Knitpicks is to the knitting world. Quality goods at budget prices, and they achieve this by being a manufacturer that sells directly to customers.

Strangely, I don’t see “my people” embracing Connecting Threads as much as knitters embrace Knitpicks. Today and tomorrow, I’m going to introduce them to those of you who don’t know them. I also hope these posts will also convince those of you who thought CT wasn’t your thing to give them a second look. Maybe once upon a time Connecting Threads didn’t have much that appealed to modern quilters/sewists, but just like almost every manufacturer, they’re now trying to capture that market and doing a great job at it!

Here are a few collections — all (save one) by designer Jenni Calo — that fall more into the modern category. I also think they have a lot of crossover appeal to traditionalists. These fabrics are offered as yardage, pre-cuts (they call them “samplers”), kits, and matching thread.

( Montecito by Jenni Calo }


Just Desserts by Jenni Calo. Macarons!  }


Parlor Pets by Jenni Calo }


{ Wild Ones Flannel by Jenni Calo. The flannel is incredibly soft and lofty. }


{ Urban Odyssey, and in-house collection }


{ Love My Honey by Jenni Calo }

Next, we’ll look at a few folky and repro collections, and tomorrow we’ll have a giveaway of Connecting Threads’ three newest collections and threads.


  1. Jenn says:

    Wow, I’m familiar with Knit Picks but I haven’t heard of this company until now. I’m intrigued!

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve heard of Connecting Threads before, but never ordered. I wonder – how does the fabric quality compare to the “designer” fabrics?

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m a huge fan of Connecting Threads. I just finished a quilt top using Parlor Pets for my dear Abby dog. Right now I’m in the midst of cutting and sewing those cute Wild Ones flannel!!! I can say the fabrics wash beautifully with very little fraying and sew quite nice.

  4. Kate Erbach says:

    I love this company. The quality of the cotton is bar none. As beautiful as italian cotton. Their collection of basics are perfect for any project and you can’t beat the prices.

  5. Connie says:

    Love, Love Connecting Threads. If you have never bought from them give them a try. There shipping rates are so reasonable and talk about speed in getting your order they are number one. I love their prices they right down my alley. If you go on line and look at the colors of fabric they are true what you are buying and the quality of the fabric is superior. Please give them a try, you’ll come to love them like I do.

  6. Debbie B Sam says:

    yeah I don’t get why the blogger never use any of their fabric – I’m kinda sick of MODA being everywhere. Anyway, I love CT – I’ve used their fabric for so many things, and their thread is my favorite!!! You can’t beat their prices and they have amazing sales all the time. I love Jenni Calo’s fabric designs. Their basis are great, I use their solids almost in every quilt I make. I always rave about them!! Thanks for featuring such a great customer oriented company.

  7. LindaThompson says:

    Love Connecting Threads! Ordered all my thread from them when they had a fantastic sale. Love their quilters fabric selections of precuts.When they offer sales, the prices are so reasonable, I stock up.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I have some of their solids and am very happy with them! Haven’t tried any of their other lines yet…or thread.

  9. Love Connecting Threads, have for ages. Just bought a boatload of threads from the, SO HAPPY to have it in house and on hand!

  10. Doreen says:

    Thank you for the great words about my favorite fabric supplier. Just got my most recent order today. Seems like I order at least once a month. The fabric quality, and threads, are equal to any of the “brick and mortar” retail outlets. Every project I do contains at least 1 element that was purchase from CT!!!!!

  11. Mary Ellen says:

    I love Connecting Threads – their thread is wonderful. I first started ordering from them about 5 years ago and have never been disappointed.

  12. Jodi G. says:

    Looking forward to finding out more about Connecting Threads. Lots of great and positive comments. I’ll have to checkout their website. Thanks for the introduction.

  13. Eileen DiPietro says:

    I love Connecting Threads, they make quilting affordable! I am making a quilt right now with their “Just Desserts” line!

  14. Signe says:

    I absolutely LOVE Connecting Threads! They offer free shipping if your order is $50 or more and that is not hard to do. They have wonderful fabrics, fabric samplers, kits and coordinating threads. They often offer quilt books at deep discounts. They have wonderful quilty notions and gifts. And now they have added great batiks to their website also! Check out their weeekly sales. I am a dedicated CT fan and encourage everybody to check out their website.

  15. eleanor says:

    I would love to order from Connecting Threads but international shipping is unavailable!! ARRGGHHH!
    Here in Australia quilting cottons are $20-$27/yard so it is always cheaper to buy from the U.S even after shipping costs, come on Connecting Threads, bring on International shipping for us poor Aussies getting ripped off at our LQS.

  16. Sarah M says:

    CT has a good range of solid colors at a great price. They don’t offer a color card, so I ordered a charm pack sampler. I stocked up on every thread color they have during an amazing December sale. I’ve also taken good advantage of the book sales.

  17. Cathy A says:

    I’m a knitter and have bought from KnitPicks a fair amount. Personally, I like to support local businesses, which is the biggest reason why I’d choose a local shop over KnitPicks or Connecting Threads. It’s great to save the consumer money (and believe me I have very little money to spend), but at the same time, I fear that independent shops will all disappear. I do think it’s odd that the yarn took hold faster than the fabric because I am much more likely to buy fabric online than yarn since I really want to touch the yarn before buying it and it’s not as big an issue with fabric.

  18. Safieh says:

    Wow, thank you so much for this article! I had heard of connecting threads, but I had never visited the site. I really love the selection and picked up the macaroons (obviously!), the little stars basics, some charm packs and some other assorted half yards. Can’t wait to get it. I had a hard time getting over $50 for free shipping because everything is so darn cheap!

  19. Jan says:

    Oh no they only ship to USA and Canada not international:(

  20. Ginevra says:

    I’m sad to see that like Knitpicks, Connecting Threads won’t ship internationally. It’s an issue that has angered knitters in Australia for years.

  21. Leena says:

    I discovered ConnectingThreads last year and I am loving their fabrics….and they always have good sales which I am kinda fond off….worth buying when the yardage can go less to 1.99@yd….what more can you ask for? Love their batiks as well! So vibrant….

  22. Sarah says:

    I like this company. They have really nice batiks at unbeatable prices. I also like their thread and am stalking them to find out when the next thread sale will be!

  23. Phyllis says:

    I just finished my 6th I Pad bag using fabrics from Connecting Threads. This fabric works so well. Have tried other fabrics with less success. I just got my Connecting Threads magazine today and it has inspired me to try other things.

  24. virginiao says:

    I love Connecting Threads. The staff are a joy to work with! Go buy stuff there!