Maze & Vale

You may know Maze & Vale‘s Leslie Keating from her former brand of handmade goods, onegirl designwrks. She transitioned in Nov 2011 to a new focus in hand-screenprinted fabrics and goods made from them. These designs are simple, delicate, and just perfect. They just make my heart ache, they are so good. You can purchase them by the panel — each print in several ready-to-ship colorways or customizable combinations — from Etsy, also follow her blog for more on her printing adventures (with linen and cotton gauze, most recently).


  1. I just received some of Leslie’s fabrics in the mail yesterday.

    I am going to make a special cushion for a gift for a crafty pal of mine. Her fabrics are lovely, especially the feathers, and all coordinate beautifully.

  2. Kay says:

    The feathers called out to me straight away. Just lovely.

  3. Amy says:

    Those are gorgeous, thanks for the tip.