Spring Quilt Market 2012: Seven Islands

Seven Islands, the wonderful folks who distribute Kokka, Nani Iro, Kiyohara, and Echino, is a perennial oasis at Quilt Market. I find that very few sewing and quilting enthusiasts can refute the quasi-magical properties of Japanese fabric companies. The major barrier is price but really, the golden ratio between quality, color and design makes it hard to deny that they’re very worth it.

This market was a special one as Melody Miller, Heather Ross, and Estuko Furuya (Echino) all had new collections to show. I could go on but I will leave you with two words that capture all three – nailed it. If you like any of or all of these designers, you’re going to go Beatles-style crazy for some or all of the prints. Here’s a quick overview of each of them.

Heather Ross (Nursery Versery) – Kim had an earlier sneak peek of the line and in person, it’s even better. The weave of the fabric, colors and those sweet animals hanging out in clothes are enough to make you want to get a second mortgage to cover buying it up in bolts. Heather does what she does best, make you want to come up with projects just to stash away these prints. My favorite is a toss up between the itsy bitsy spider print (I live in Seattle, we adore making rain cute) and the mice. I just kept thinking of Gus-Gus in Cinderella.




Melody Miller (Vinyl) – First off, her booth was phenomenal and perfectly captured her sweet and inviting personality as well as the versatility of her fabric. The bonus of what many are referring to as Vinyl, is that it will ROT (rolled on a tube) at 61/62 inches wide. More bang for your buck and more fabric to enjoy. The vinyl record print is a showstopper and I also loved the silhouettes as well as the cheater print. Melody took part of it and made into the cutest of lampshades and many of other prints could be put into quilting porjects or fun zipper totes. If you loved the teacups and clocks from past collections than you’re in luck as these have come back for a cameo performance.





Echino by Estuko Furuya – Deer in horn-rimmed glasses. Can you handle it? Also making appearances in sweet gilded frames are stoic and humoring woodland creatures and even a dragonfly. The range of the cheater prints, the colors, and motifs are all that you can expect and enjoy from Echino. The collection is also available in laminate!


{ Nancy Wolff’s second collection for Kokka }




Other new Kokka collections are a line of circus animals up to some fun by Nancy Wolff, some beautiful yet subtle floral prints, novelty, corduroy, and more. The matroyshka dolls are in full effect and in updated colors. The other really fun collection that will release with all these other in late July/early August, is Mustaherukka, or Berry. It’s a woodland creature adventure that’s full of surprises yet not overly cute.


While Kiyohara samples were not hand, I was able to take some pictures of the catalog (only to view while there) and there’s really beautiful prints from Kayo Horaguchi, that have a fairytale theme. You’ll want to stay in a castle tower too if you can get some of these.


And then there was Nani Iro by Naomi Ito. Turns out that Nani Iro, if you didn’t know, means every/any color in Japanese. And if I had to pick anyone (besides Lizzy House) for color, Naomi Ito would be it. The Nani Iro collection never fails to disappoint. There are knits and double gauze and it’s essentially true artwork on cotton.

According to Seven Islands, they’re expecting all of the new prints to begin shipping in late July/early August. And if you’ve been hoping to score more of Melody’s typewriter prints, they are reprinting them. Check with your local or online shop of choice to see if they’ll be restocking.

{ all photos and text by Keli Faw of Drygoods Design }


  1. Lizzy House says:

    Keli, you seriously made my day.

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  3. gina pina says:

    Thank you for the excellent Kokka pictures! Melody Miller definitely won best booth from the cool kids. The Kayo Horaguchi is killing me right now. Those penguins with the newspaper bellies and detective hats on.. That Heather Ross cheater. Ugh. I am dying. I need it all.