Spring Quilt Market 2012: FreeSpirit/Westminster – Anna Maria Horner

Headline, folks: Anna Maria Horner has gone wild.

I mean, there was a panther in her booth. A purple and orange panther. It was crazy, and also?  AMAZING.

Anna’s new line(s), Field Study No 1 and 2, have diverse and unique sources of inspiration, from avian migratory patterns to plant DNA slides. They are all, however, united by the common “sense of adventure and the idea of investigating the natural world up close and from afar.” The collections maintain many of the traditional “Anna” elements: bold, large-scale floral motifs, butterflies, and a jewel-tone color palette, which are as lovely in this grouping as they ever have been. But to me there are definitely some funky, wild-card prints mixed in, which make the grouping all the more interesting and fun.

Because, who was expecting neon leopard print? Or wax-block-print style florals? Or the stunning, simple, jewel-of-a-geometric-print? Of course I know to expect good things from AMH, but it is always nice to be surprised by a different flavor of lovely.

And, as always, Anna was gracious and sweet and adorable, and didn’t even seem to mind that I kept moving things around to take pictures. Her booth was so cozy and well-designed, I would never have known that it was the result of quite a bit of pre-market panic!

Field Study No 1 and 2 contain both quilting and laminated cottons, with 12 prints in each of three colorways, Gypsy, Patina, and Moonlit, with more of the Field Study series to be released later in 2012!



  1. nicke says:

    oh dear i can’t wait!

  2. krystina says:

    Thanks for this recap! Do you know if there will be any voiles with this collection?