Spring Quilt Market 2012: FreeSpirit – Tula Pink

Oh, Tula Pink always gets me in my rainbow-lovin’ heart.

Tula was at market in full force, with a huge booth to showcase two lines, Nightshade (out now) and The Birds and the Bees (July/August). The space was divided down the middle with the two line’s color palettes, but still meshed beautifully together, like a really well-adjusted split-personality.


The Book! You have it, right?


The Birds and the Bees features 29 quilting cottons, nine voiles, and six laminates. The meteorite print  will allow everyone to own a simulacrum of her now-famous Space Dust quilt (top photo).



Nightshade (out now) is a Halloween grouping that has 15 pieces divided into three colorways; Absinthe, Vapor, and Evening Shade.They’re a perfect combination of sinister and sassy; to me the prints look like a crazy love-child of Daniel Clowes and William Morris. They’re Halloween without being kitschy, and they’re PERFECT for that quilt for your goth cousin.


{ Lauren Hunt is a fabric designer who writes the blog My Aunt June. }


  1. Mary C. says:

    The quilt with the stacked rectangles and interspersed pinwheels is gorgeous, simple but beautiful. Maybe it’s the back of the Nightshade quilt?

  2. Clair says:

    Ms Tula is BRILLIANT! I love the print with the trees and their beautiful root formations, and the colour combo in Space Dust. LOVE.